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Which services does the Multimedia Center offer?

The Multimedia Center offers the following services:

  • borrow equipment
  • advice on recording (visual, audio, etc.)
  • download footage from the recording device
  • cut video
  • compress video
  • upload to TaskStream (edTPA respectively)
  • creating PDFs
  • updating operating systems
  • installing software
  • Zoom
  • Dropbox
  • Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
  • Google apps, e.g. email, drive, forms, spreadsheet, docs, ...


Available Workshops cd_1 Information about Software in the computer rooms. Computer Information about Hardware in the computer rooms.
Description of Recording Equipment

What are the policies of the Multimedia Center?

The page about the Multimedia Center Policies will explain all about the use of equipment and the rooms.

Equipment & Software

How do I reserve equipment?

If you are a student of the School of Education, with a valid CCNY student ID, you can borrow iPads, iPods, digital cameras and camcorders as well as tripods for up to two week to document your teaching and learning on and off campus. Priority will be given to students in research courses that require taped interviews and students who need devices to record their student teaching. You can reserve the equipment online.

How far in advance do I have to reserve equipment?

You have to reserve equipment at least one week in advance before you would like to use it but you should reserve equipment as soon as you know when you need it for the current semester.

For how long can I reserve equipment?

Two weeks.

How can I reserve equipment for more than two weeks?

Usually you cannot reserve equipment for more than two weeks but if there are circumstances where you have to (e.g. the session where you supposed to videorecord your teaching has been rescheduled), you have to summit another request via the Online Form. Put in the notes the special circumstances why you have to extend your reservation.

Which equipment should I reserve?

There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on your circumstances and your familiarity with equipment. As a rule of thumb, you should work with equipment you are familiar with. If you are not familiar with any equipment or you need to use equipment you never used before, make sure that you get to know the device before you use it to record yourself. The Multimedia Center staff can show you how to use our equipment and can answer your questions. We always recommend that you try your equipment in the setting you will record to see if you have any issues with the placement, picture or sound. Should you encounter difficulties with the quality of your recording, please talk to the Multimedia Center staff or Doris Grasserbauer. You can review the available equipment.

How can I zoom in & out on iPads?

Follow the instructions below to use the zoom on our iPads (iPad 2 and iPad4):
1. Goto settings, then click on Accessibilty and turn on the Zoom option.
2. Back in the camera app, put three fingers on the screen, double tap the screen, hold and swipe up for zooming in. Swipe down for zooming out. 

How to edit footage

In the Multimedia Center we mainly use Adobe Premiere and iMovie to cut or edit videos.

Tutorials for editing videos:

YouTube videos for Adobe Premiere:

Note: iPad Video Editing Problems in Premiere
Editing videos on an iPad in Adobe Premiere is causing the video and audio to go out of sync during the editing process. Videos work fine in iMovie on an iPad.

The described problem is caused by the way iPads record videos with a varying frame rate that cannot be changed on the device. Premiere does not convert the video into a constant frame rate.
In order to avoid this, before importing the video to Premiere, the video needs to be converted to a constant frame rate using Handbrake software which is free and available in the Multimedia Center on iMac 20 and 21.

Here are further instructions:

Other Technologies

Information about Blackboard, Zoom, CUNY Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blue Jeans, Smartboard, etc. can be found on the Instructional Technology page of the School of Education.

Does the School of Education have a site license for Notebook (SmartBoard)?

We currently do not have a site license for Notebook. Notebook is installed on all computers connected to Interactive Displays (SmartBoards) in different classrooms in the North Academic Center. Students can experiment and use the Notebook software in the Multimedia Center Room 4/221 or the Learning and Technology Resource Center Room 3/226.

If your questions were not answered above, you might find answers in one of our other FAQ pages:

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