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Broderick probe receives $300K shot in the arm

Patricia Broderick
CCNY Medical Professor Patricia Broderick has received a $300K award for her series of revolutionary Nano probes.

The BRODERICK PROBE® series of Nano biosensors, an invention of City College of New York Medical Professor Patricia A. Broderick, are closer to wide scale introduction thanks to a $300,000 award from the Indian Angel Network®.

The funding will advance the development of the probe by Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc.  in concert with CUNY’s Technology Commercialization Office.

Smaller than a human hair, the Nano biosensors video track live neurotransmitter signals on line, in real time in the natural state as well as diseased state for direct comparison of probable causal issues for neurodegeneration. In doing so, they enable personalized medicine for such brain diseases as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke and epilepsy.

 The probes have functioned successfully in epileptic patients and mammalian species without scarring organs or causing bacterial infection.

“Marketing these Nano biosensors with sensor driven analyzers for worldwide and economically sound use in all disciplines may well change the face of science and medicine,” said the Indian Angel Network.

The network’s award is the latest honor for Broderick this year. Her other distinctions include:

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