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From City to the World

At CCNY, research and scholarship advance every day on issues of crucial importance to people throughout New York City and across the world. In this series hosted by City College President Vincent Boudreau, meet faculty, hear firsthand about their research and, in conversation with outside experts, discover how that research is forging new solutions to real-world issues like poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges, affordable housing and disparities in health care.

For live radio listeners, From City to the World is presented by CCNY's community radio station - WHCR-90.3 FM, The Voice of Harlem - on the third Wednesday of each month at 3 PM.

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March 24, 2021

As it celebrates its centennial, The City College of New York's School of Education is engaged not just in educating young people but in constructing a more fair and just society. From the Spanish flu era to today's COVID-19 pandemic, the School of Education has been preparing educators to teach and nurture an increasingly diverse and multilingual student body in urban schools. Hear from Interim Dean Edwin M. Lamboy and Professors of Education Beverly Falk and Catherine Franklin in conversation with CCNY President Vincent Boudreau about the School of Education's mission, the disruptions and innovations of the past year and how, in teachers, hope is vested for the recovery of the youngest members of our society. 

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau 
Guests: Edwin M. Lamboy, Interim Dean of CCNY's School of Education; Beverly Falk, CCNY Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs in Early Childhood Education; Catherine Franklin, CCNY Associate Professor of Childhood Education. 
Recorded: March 19, 2021

February 26, 2021

As Black History Month closes, Silicon Harlem CEO Clayton Banks and Executive Director Bobby Derival of The City College of New York's MPA program join CCNY President Vincent Boudreau to discuss systemic inequities, racial justice after the killing of George Floyd and their personal experiences working within communities toward solutions. After a pandemic year that made widely visible the long-standing disparities suffered by communities of color, see how Harlem is educating the next generation of leaders and laying the groundwork for Internet connectivity and digital literacy for all.

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau

Guests: Bobby Derival, Executive Director of the Master's in Public Administration Program at City College; Clayton Banks, Cofounder and CEO of Silicon Harlem.

Recorded: February 23, 2021

January 27, 2021

The City College of New York President Vincent Boudreau convenes a conversation on how philanthropy is being mobilized across and beyond campus to address the economic and health crisis of COVID-19. Amid the pandemic's devastation and inequities, hear what has been learned and what the CCNY support ecosystem is achieving in this discussion with CCNY advancement executive Dee Dee Mozeleski and Reverend Maurice Winley of Harlem's Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, a CCNY community partner.

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau
Guests: Dee Dee Mozeleski, Vice President of the CCNY Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications, Executive Director of the Foundation for City College, and Senior Advisor to the President; Reverend Maurice Winley, executive director of Harlem's Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub.

Recorded: January 21, 2021

November 13, 2020

Every year, The City College of New York holds its Langston Hughes Festival and awards its Langston Hughes Medal to a highly distinguished writer of the African diaspora. With a mission to celebrate and expand upon the legacy of Harlem Renaissance icon and "poet laureate of Harlem" Langston Hughes, the Festival awarded its first medal, in 1978, to James Baldwin, followed by an honor roll of the greatest Black writers of our time -- among them Toni Morrison, Chinua Achebe, and Rita Dove. This November, as the nation engages with the impact of 2020's presidential election and months of protest for racial justice since George Floyd's killing, the CCNY Black Studies Program awards the Langston Hughes Medal to author-as-activist Michael Eric Dyson, a major voice in the current conversation about race in America.

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau
Guests: Vanessa K. Valdés, Professor and Director of the CCNY Black Studies Program; Michael Eric Dyson Ph.D., author, academic, commentator, and 2020 Langston Hughes Medalist.
Recorded: November 10, 2020

October 22, 2020

How vulnerable is U.S. democracy as we approach the Nov. 3 general election? Politics aside, technology presents its own highly sophisticated threats to an accurate result in the race for President and other consequential seats. Far beyond the grasp of many laypeople and lawmakers, complex cybersecurity risks to election integrity are explained in an accessible manner in this conversation. Guests are a CCNY cryptography and network security expert and the author of a book questioning America's reliance on electronic voting machines.

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau
Guests: Rosario Gennaro, Director of CCNY's Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software. Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy, Election 2020 Edition.
Recorded: October 20, 2020

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