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City College physicist Vinod Menon receives top IEEE honor

CCNY Physicist Vinod_Menon
CCNY physicist Vinod Menon

City College of New York physicist Vinod Menon, whose research in light-matter interaction at the nanoscale has advanced the field of photonics, is among six scientists globally bestowed with IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lectureships. The accolade honors excellent speakers who have made technical contributions of high quality and enhanced the technical programs of Photonics Society chapters.

Menon’s year-long tenure begins July 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2019.

A professor in the City College’s Division of Science, Menon’s research includes the development of nanoscale structures where the quantum nature of light is exploited for potential applications in computing, communication, sensing and energy harvesting. 

Some of the recent work from Menon’s Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP) has led to the following developments and their possible applications:

Mastering the “valley” property of electrons, which has potential for realizing a new class of technology termed “valleytronics” – similar to electronics (charge) and spintronics (spin).

Demonstrating a new class of artificial media called photonic hypercrystals that can control light-matter interaction in unprecedented way. This could lead to such benefits as ultrafast LEDs for Li-Fi (a wireless technology that transmits high-speed data using visible light communication), enhanced absorption in solar cells and the development of single photon emitters for quantum information processing.

Unveiling new half-light half-matter quantum particles raising prospects of developing computing and communication technologies based on quantum properties of light and matter.

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