Getting Started

Obtaining a CCNY ID

You will need a valid CCNY ID to access our campus (e.g., to get into the building, use the library, and check out media equipment).  To obtain an ID, please visit the ID office in NAC 1/206. You will only be able to obtain your ID once you have claimed your CUNYfirst account and are registered for coursework.

Obtaining a CCNY Email Address

You must communicate with CCNY staff and faculty using your CCNY CityMail address.  Please make a practice of always including your program (e.g., TESOL, SPED), cohort number (e.g., Cohort 33, PT9), CUNYfirst EMPLID, and first and last name when you email anyone at CCNY, as this practice will ensure a faster response to your inquiries.


Additionally, important updates regarding class cancellations, room changes, and more will be communicated to you via your CityMail account, so check this address frequently. Set up the account. For assistance with your email account, please contact IT at 212-650-7878 or at .

Claiming your CUNYfirst Account

You will use the CUNYfirst platform to register for classes each semester. CUNYfirst can also be used to drop or swap classes, see your final grades and transcripts, and more. Additionally, this is where you will find information containing classroom locations and professors. Your EMPLID is your unique, 8-digit student ID number. Please make a note of it and make sure to include it on all official documents and in all emails when you communicate with anyone from CCNY. The CUNYfirst Help Desk can be reached at 212-650-8080.

Language Exams

Bilingual Proficiency Exam for Bilingual Childhood Education Candidates

The first step to beginning your master’s degree in Bilingual Childhood Education is to complete a written language placement exam in a language other than English. You will receive details about this test, including when and where the test is offered, via email from CCNY staff. Once you have completed the placement exam, your results will be emailed to you, and you will be placed either in Bilingual Childhood Education, or you will have the option to enroll in our Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program. You will also receive information regarding registration for your first semester of coursework.

Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) for Secondary Spanish Candidates

As a part of the admissions process for our Secondary Spanish program, you are required to submit your score of advanced-low or higher to by the end of your first regular semester (fall or spring) at CCNY. Without proof of satisfactory OPI completion, your CUNYfirst account will incur a hold, which will prevent you from registering for the upcoming semester. You may complete the test in person (OPI) or online (OPIc). Click here for more information, or register for the test here. You are responsible for the cost of the exam. Please direct questions to .

Your First Semester

First Semester Coursework

Prior to the beginning of coursework, all incoming candidates will receive specific information about which courses to register for during their first semester (as well as information on how to register). Teaching fellows and partner teachers all complete two CCNY courses (generally 6 credits) in their pre-service semester, and must pass both classes in order to remain in the program. Teaching fellows and partner teachers all complete CCNY courses in their pre-service (summer) semester and must pass their classes in order to remain in the program.


Please note that GRE scores are not assessed as part of the admissions process. However, a score at or above the 50th percentile on the quantitative portion of the GRE will cover 3 credits of math liberal arts prerequisites.

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