Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What is the CCNY Federal Identification Number (FIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

The FIN or EIN number is 133893536 

2. What are the maximum allowances I can claim on my W-4 (Federal) and IT-2104 (State) tax forms?

You may claim 9 allowances on the W-4 tax form. You may claim 14 allowances on the IT-2104 tax form.  If you choose to claim maximum allowances on your tax forms you may owe taxes when you file your tax returns.  

3. How do I change my personal information in the Human Resources and Payroll Databases?

To change personal information please submit a Change of Personal Dataform to the Human Resources Office or the Payroll Office.  You do not need to submit the form to both offices.  The office you submit the form to will give a copy of the form  to the other office.

4. Do Non- New York City residents working at CCNY have to pay New York City taxes?

You do not have to pay New York City taxes however you must pay New York State taxes because you are an employee of the state.

5. What happens if I lost my paycheck?

In the event you lost your paycheck please let the Payroll Office know immediately.  The receptionist at the Payroll Office will submit a Stop Payment and Reissue Check Form to the state, on your behalf.  This process takes at least two weeks.  

6. When are college assistant time sheets due?

The due dates of college assistant time sheets are located on the schedule of pay dates for Non-Teaching Adjuncts, College Assistants and Student Aides 2013-2014

7. How long does it take to make a change to my direct deposit information?

Direct Deposit changes will take effect 2-3 pay periods after a new Direct Deposit form with all fields properly completed has been submitted to the Payroll Office.  

8. When closing my direct deposit bank account who should I contact first, my bank or CCNY Payroll Services?

We advise employees to close their direct deposit account with the Payroll Department first to avoid the check being kicked back to the State.