Welcome to the Finance and Administration section of the City College website.  Finance and Administration provides a variety of business and financial services that support the academic mission of City College. These services include accounting, accounts payable, budgeting and purchasing.  Our goal is to ensure the College's efficiency, achieve customer satisfaction, and to promote continuous innovation and improvement.  In addition, this area seeks to create greater transparency regarding the College's financial condition, strengthen internal controls, and make financial data meaningful and relevant to faculty and students.  


Accounting ensures that CCNY's business transactions are conducted and reported efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures.  The Accounting Department provides financial services for the College's related entities including publication of financial statements, endowment management and tax compliance.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for the processing of payments, invoices and vouchers for the college in accordance with State law and CUNY Guidelines.  



The Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation manages business and service contracts on behalf of the college. The AEC is charged with identifying and securing new revenue opportunities, products and services which will contribute to enhancing the experience of students, staff and guests of CCNY.

Budget Office

The primary purpose of the Budget Office is to assist the College in budget development and in planning for, implementing, and administering the allocation of campus tax-levy resources.  The Budget Office manages CCNY's budgets.  This includes forecasting and analyzing the university's financial status, responding to fiscal inquiries and ensuring compliance with State and CUNY guidelines. The Budget Office also advises on the resolution of budget issues and maintains position control.



The mission of the Bursar's Office is to accurately assess and collect 100% of student related revenues while providing exceptional customer service and absolute transparency. The Bursar's Office accepts and processes tuition and fees, third-party invoicing, refunds of excess funds, and miscellaneous fee payments from faculty and staff while maintaining strict internal control practices safeguarding the financial assets of the college.


Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing a work environment that promotes empowerment, trust and respect. Our purpose is to identify challenges across the organization and to develop and deliver solutions to maintain an effective and diverse workforce. We implement a range of human resources services, including recruitment, education and training, benefits administration, employee relations and compliance.



Our mission at Payroll Services is to provide accurate, and timely payroll for all faculty, staff, and student employees while adhering to University guidelines, as well as Federal and State regulations. Payroll Services acts as an intermediary with CUNY University Payroll. Our focus is to help resolve payroll issues, and answer inquiries that employees may have, in partnership with University Payroll. We are also responsible for processing Non-Tax Levy Payroll for payments on behalf of the College's related entities.


The Purchasing Department of the City College of New York remains committed to assisting departments in the acquisition of goods and services in the most appropriate and efficient manner. Purchasing is mandated to ensure the maximum level of services at the most reasonable prices.

Related Entities Support

In addition to the service provided to the College, Finance and Administration also supports the following college-related entities:




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