Why Philosophy


* Philosophy Majors and the GRE: updated data (Daily Nous, 2019)

* Philosophy is a great major! (and it's a fact)

How philosophy makes you a better leader (by Dabvid Brendel, 2014)

* Philosophy: what can it do for you? (by Tomás Bogardus)

* Philosophy majors do better than most on GRE scores

* Study philosophy: better life, better career (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011)

* Turns out, philosophy majors make more money than any other humanities major (Daily Nous, 2019)


Investing in a Philosophy major as good as investing in an Engineering one (Daily Nous, 2017)

* Funny philosophers, on philosoiphy as a form of therapy (2017)

Tech leave you cold? Major in philosophy! (Huffington Post, 2013)

Be employable, study philosophy (The Tyee, 2013)

14 famous people who majored in philosophy (Best Colleges Online, 2013)

* Philosophy, the most practical major (The Atlantic, 2011)

* National Public Radio on philosophy at CUNY (NPR, 2011)

* Ten of the greatest philosophical principles (The Guardian, 2010)

* Philosophy as a great job (WSJ, 2009)

* It's smart to study philosophy in college (NYT, 2008)

* Philosophy helps your life and career (US News, 2008)


* What has philosophy ever done for us?

* The hard problem of consciousness

* A brief conceptual history of philosophy

Gods and morality


* How to think like a philosopher

* On miracles

* What about metaphysics?

* Does philosophy make progress?

* Can science answer moral questions?

Philosophy of science - II

Philosophy of science - I

David Hume, the jovial skeptic

* Neuroethics and the trolley dilemma

* What is philosophy?


News and discussions

The Stone, the New York Times philosophy essays

* The Philosopher's Magazine blog

Footnotes to Plato blog

Philosophy Talk, the philosophy radio show

Publications, especially for a broad audience

Philosophy Now, a magazine of ideas

* The Philosopher's Magazine

Think, philosophy for everyone

* The Philosophers' Imprint, edited by philosophers, published by librarians

PhilPapers, academic papers on line

* Philosophy books based on pop culture

Dictionaries, encyclopedias and such

* Wikipedia philosophy portal

* Dictionary of philosophical terms

Internet Enclyclopedia of Philosophy (basic)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (advanced)


American Philosophical Association

American Philosophical Practitioners Association

* Society for Philosophical Inquiry (Socrates Cafe`)

Philosophical software

The Play of Mind, interactive philo software

Rationale, for critical thinking

All (other) things philosophical

Ask a philosopher!

* Episteme links to philosophy resources

Logical fallacies

* The Philosophical Gourmet report

Philosophical fun!

* Monty Python's International Philosophy soccer game

* Monty Python's Philosophers' Song

Woody Allen's philosophy

The philosophy shopping experience!

* The Philosophy Gift Shop

* The Unemployed Philosophers' Guild