Why Philosophy

*https://www.apaonline.org/general/custom.asp?page=data (American Philosophical Association 2023)

* Philosophy majors are smarter than others — and tend to make more money (Big Think, 2023)


* Turns out, philosophy majors make more money than any other humanities major (Daily Nous, 2019)

* Philosophy Majors and the GRE: updated data (Daily Nous, 2019)

How philosophy makes you a better leader (by Dabvid Brendel, 2014)

* Study philosophy: better life, better career (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011)

* Philosophy is a great major! (and it's a fact)

* Philosophy: what can it do for you? (by Tomás Bogardus)


Investing in a Philosophy major as good as investing in an Engineering one (Daily Nous, 2017)

* Funny philosophers, on philosoiphy as a form of therapy (2017)

Tech leave you cold? Major in philosophy! (Huffington Post, 2013)

Be employable, study philosophy (The Tyee, 2013)

* Philosophy, the most practical major (The Atlantic, 2011)

* National Public Radio on philosophy at CUNY (NPR, 2011)

* Ten of the greatest philosophical principles (The Guardian, 2010)

* Philosophy as a great job (WSJ, 2009)

* It's smart to study philosophy in college (NYT, 2008)

* Philosophy helps your life and career (US News, 2008)


Publications, especially for a broad audience

The Stone, the New York Times philosophy essays

Philosophy Now, a magazine of ideas

* The Philosopher's Magazine

Think, philosophy for everyone

* The Philosophers' Imprint, edited by philosophers, published by librarians

PhilPapers, academic papers on line

* Philosophy books based on pop culture


Dictionaries, encyclopedias and such

* Wikipedia philosophy portal

* Dictionary of philosophical terms

Internet Enclyclopedia of Philosophy (basic)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (advanced)



American Philosophical Association

American Philosophical Practitioners Association


All (other) things philosophical

Ask a philosopher!

Logical fallacies

* The Philosophical Gourmet report


Philosophical fun!

* Monty Python's International Philosophy soccer game

* Monty Python's Philosophers' Song

* Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up”


The philosophy shopping experience!

* The Philosophy Gift Shop


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