Don’t have enough free credits to declare Philosophy as a second major? Then consider our flexible minor program. Even studying some Philosophy will give you the opportunity to better understand important and influential ideas of the past and present, and provide you with the tools for a reflective, responsible, and successful life and career. A minor in philosophy is strongly recommended for anyone considering law school, or any graduate program that requires standardized testing for admission (for example, the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT). 

If you need advising help, please contact Prof. Chad Kidd ( ckidd@ccny.cuny.edu ). His office hours are by appointment. 

Requirements for Minor


One of the following four:


PHIL 10200: Introduction to Philosophy 

PHIL 20100: Logical Reasoning

PHIL 20200: Introduction to logic

Any 30000-level Philosophy course

(3 credits partial)



Three additional PHIL courses above 30000


(12 credits total)

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