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Andrzej Krakowski

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Andrzej Krakowski



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Krakowski received his Ph.D. at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, where he studied film, televison and theatre directing. Before leaving Poland in 1968, he was also known as promising poet, writer and a cartoonist. 

After being sent to Hollywood on a six-month scholarship, he was stripped by the Polish authorities of his citizenship and declared a persona-non-grata in his native country. He attended the American Film Institute, where among his classmates he countes: David Lynch, terrence Malick and Paul Schrader.

Over the last four decades, Krakowski wrote, directed and/or produced over 50 feature films and TV movies for major studios and TV networks. Credits include LOOKING FOR PALLADIN, TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT, EMINENT DOMAIN, MANAGUA, TIDES OF WAR and PORTRAIT OF A HITMAN. 

His feature CAMPFIRE STORIES - based on a comic book - was shown on Showtime and sold all over the world, as were the docu-drama FAREWELL TO MY COUNTRY and the documentary POLITICS OF CANCER. His TV series WE ARE NEW YORK won two Emmy Awards. 

Krakowski's theatre credits include KING DAVID on Broadway and FELIX THE CAT'S MUSICAL JOURNEY in Tokyo. He also authored several books, among them: THE WORLD THROUGH THE EYE OF A SCREENWRITER and POLLYWOOD. 

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