Academic Support


Counseling is an integral component of the SEEK Program. SEEK counselors are committed to providing students with the attention, support and guidance needed to help them meet the demands of college. They are an important and valuable link to students' college experience. Each student is assigned a counselor upon entering the program. Counselors emphasize a holistic approach in their work with students and focus on academic, personal, career and life skills issues. They provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which students can share their concerns. 

Peer Academic Learning (PAL) Tutoring and Academic Support Services

Individual and small-group tutoring are provided for a large number of courses through the SEEK PAL (Peer Academic Learning) Center. Additionally, freshmen are enrolled in learning communities taught by a group of specially selected college faculty and for which extensive academic support is provided. Throughout the year, a variety of academic workshops and study sessions are offered to support and supplement students' in-class instruction.

Computer Lab

The SEEK Computer Lab is equipped with state of the art computers and printers, and offers students a comfortable place to work. The Lab is supervised by technical staff who are able to answer questions and provide other forms of computer-related support. The staff periodically offers workshops on blackboard as well as training on various software applications.

SEEK Summer Program

The SEEK Summer Program is designed to facilitate students' transition to college by providing them with an opportunity to become familiar with institutional policies, expectations, and the campus landscape in general before the regular term begins. Students are enrolled in either academic skills or enrichment workshops, and in a personal development workshop taught by counselors. The summer program, which is provided at no cost to the student, is mandatory for all incoming freshmen. Books are purchased by the Program and students are also provided with a modest weekly stipend. 

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