PAL Center Tutoring Services

WHAT is the PAL Center?

  • A tutoring center, student lounge, and study space that is exclusively open to SEEK students.

  • A welcoming and supportive space that is generally open Mondays-Fridays.

  • One-on-one tutoring is offered for many courses (Which ones? Just ask!).

    • First-year SEEK students are required to attend weekly PAL tutoring

    • SEEK students on Academic Probation are required to attend weekly PAL tutoring


WHERE is the PAL Center?

  • North Academic Center (NAC) 4/224

  • (212) 650-5786


WHO are the PAL Tutors?

  • College instructors as well as current SEEK students, who have taken these courses and mastered the material.

  • Want to become a PAL Tutor? Ask the PAL Center Manager, Marlon Barrows.


HOW do I schedule a PAL tutoring session?

  • Come by or call the Center or schedule a session on EAB Navigate.

Last Updated: 06/10/2024 00:18