B.A. Degree Requirements

Required Courses

10500: Individual, Group and Society: An Introduction to Sociology  (3 CR.)

23200: Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research (4 CR.)

23700: Foundations of Sociological Theory (4 CR.)

Elective Courses    

Seven additional Sociology courses

Total Courses 10 

(23600: Fieldwork does not count as one of the seven courses, but does count towards graduation)             

Specialization in Urban Issues, Politics, and Policy

While a great number of courses offered by the Department are relevant to urban concerns, the following electives are especially recommended for a specialization:

24100: Criminology (Crime & Deviance)
24200: Juvenile Justice (Crime & Deviance)
24300: Sociology of Youth (Crime & Deviance)
24400: Principles of Social Work (Social Work)
24500: Sociology of Social Welfare Institutions (Social Work)
24800: Deviance (Crime & Deviance)
25100: Urban Sociology (All sub-specialties)
25300: Ethnic Minority Groups (Crime & Deviance)
25500: Demography (All sub-specialties)
26900: Sociology of Law (Crime & Deviance)
27400: Urban Politics & Policy (All sub-specialties)
29000: Immigration (All sub-specialties)

(While the department does not offer a degree in Social Work, the sub-specialization has been found most helpful for students who later wish to study for M.S.W. degrees).