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B.A. Degree Requirements


B.A. Degree Requirements

Required Courses

10500: Individual, Group and Society: An Introduction to Sociology  (3 CR.)

23200: Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research (3 CR.)

23700: Foundations of Sociological Theory (4 CR.)

Elective Courses    

Seven additional Sociology courses

Total Courses 10 

(23600: Fieldwork does not count as one of the seven courses, but does count towards graduation)             

Specialization in Urban Issues, Politics, and Policy

While a great number of courses offered by the Department are relevant to urban concerns, the following electives are especially recommended for a specialization:

23300-3600 Fieldwork in Social Service (Social Work)
24100: Criminology (Crime & Deviance)
24200: Juvenile Delinquency (Crime& Deviance)
24300: Sociology of Youth (Crime& Deviance)
24400: Principles of Social Work (Social Work)
24500: Sociology of Social Welfare Institutions I (Social Work)
24800: Studies in Deviant Behavior (Crime & Deviance)
25100: Urban Sociology (All sub-specialties)
25300: Ethnic Minority Groups (Crime & Deviance)
25500: Demography-Population& Human Ecology (all 
26900: Sociology of Law (Crime& Deviance)
27400: Urban Politics & Policy (all sub-specialties)
29000: Immigration (all sub-specialties)

(While the department does not offer a degree in Social Work, the sub-specialization has been found most helpful for students who later wish to study for M.S.W. degrees).

Master's Courses for Undergraduate Students

Some graduate courses may be taken by exceptional juniors and seniors with the permission of the instructor. Students are strongly advised to get the permission of the instructor in writing well before registration. The authorization will be required at registration.