Who should I contact about: major or minor, choosing courses, identifying cross-listed courses, possible careers?

A:    Speak with the sociology undergraduate advisor.
       Contact: Prof. Gwendolyn Dordick

Do I have to complete SOC 105 before declaring the sociology major or before taking other sociology classes?

A:     No. A few classes – for example, SOC 237 theory - have a prerequisite of SOC 105,
        but these classes may be taken during the same semester, with a permit from the sociology advisor.

Is an internship, fieldwork, or senior thesis required for the sociology major or minor?

A:    No.

Is a concentration required for the sociology major or minor?

A:    No.

A course says “department consent” is required to enroll. How do I request this?

A:    None of our courses require department consent.
       If a course has “CWE” in its prefix, then it’s a Center for Worker Education Course.
      You will need to contact them for permission to enroll.  https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/cwe

A course is listed as “HYB” or “hybrid.” What does this mean?

A:   The course might have additional content or work that is online on Blackboard.
      Or the course may meet once a week in-person and require online work on other days,
      Or some variation of this. Inquire with the instructor to find out more.