Undergraduate Program in Sociology

Sociology majors may choose to take a variety of courses or they may take advantage of the Department's specializations. In the past, the department's majors have gone on to leadership positions in academia and education; city, state, and local government; advertising; consulting; non-governmental organizations; law; policy; and a number of other related professions.

Specialization in Urban Issues, Politics, and Policy

For students anticipating careers in the city or just interested in urban concerns, the Department offers a specialization in urban issues, politics, immigration, and policy, with sub-specialties in Urban Studies and Policy, Crime and Deviance, and Social Work. These specializations take advantage of our location in the heart of one of the most complex cities in the world. The objective is to bring social science theory and research to bear upon the pressing issues that confront major cities like New York, such as economic restructuring, immigration, housing, neighborhood transitions, education, urban poverty, politics, and fiscal crisis. These specializations prepare students for careers in specific areas such as education, urban planning, public policy, and public administration.

Minor in Public Policy and Public Affairs

Are you concerned about the environment? How about poverty, healthcare, or education? This minor offers students the chance to study these and other policy issues with an emphasis on acquiring the analytical tools required for policy development and decision-making. The minor is interdisciplinary and allows students to take courses from different disciplines within the Colin Powell School.  Read more