The course sequences for each certification program are different. Please see our program descriptions to see the required courses for each program.

Generally, course requirements fall into 3 categories.

  1. Courses on general educational principles:Social studies education students attend these courses with students in many content-areas including Math, Science, and Art.On the graduate level these include EDUC 7500A (Adolescent Learning and Development) and EDSE 1200E (Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum).On the undergraduate level these include EDUC 20500 (Adolescent Learning and Development) and EDSE 41200 (Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum).
  2. Courses that are unique for social studies teacher candidates: These courses are only for students who are preparing to be social studies teachers.On the graduate level, these include EDSE 2100E (Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools) and EDSE 2300E (Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies).On the undergraduate level, these include EDSE 44200 (Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools) and EDSE 45102 (Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies).
  3. Courses in history and other social sciences:These courses are for students completing their M.A. in social studies education towards initial or professional certification.Students attend graduate level courses offered in City College's history department as well as possibly those in other social science departments (e.g., sociology).Courses are selected during advisement sessions with the program director. 

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