Committes that Enforce Academic Standards

Undergraduate Committees on Course and Standing

The College of Liberal Arts and Science and each Professional School at City College has its own Committee on Course and Standing (CCS). Committees hear appeals on a range of issues including requests for grade changes, reinstatement, course substitution, and retroactive withdrawal. Students must present appeals in writing (see section on preparing appeals). Appeals are brought to the Chair of the CCS who is authorized to grant or deny appeals. When the chair considers that an appeal warrants further review, it is presented to the faculty committee. The CCS's decisions are final.

The College-wide Academic Integrity Committee (AIC)

Within the school community one of the most serious offenses you can commit is to pass off someone else's intellectual work as your own. Therefore instances of Academic Dishonesty are taken very seriously. The AIC addresses faculty reports of student cheating, plagiarism, and any other form of Academic Dishonesty (for a full description see the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity [link]). Students who dispute an allegation of academic dishonesty in a course will be assigned the temporary grade of "PEN." This grade will be changed after the student has an opportunity to be heard, and a final decision on the situation is made by the AIC or the Director of Academic Standards. Each incident is judged based on the seriousness of the offense. If it is deemed appropriate for the student to be suspended or expelled, the case is referred to the Student Affairs Disciplinary Committee.


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