Academic Probation, Dismissal and Reinstatement

Academic Probation

If your GPA drops below 2.0 you are automatically on Academic Probation. Once you are on academic probation, you must earn at least a 2.5 GPA in each following semester until your cumulative GPA rises to 2.0 or above.  On probation, you may be limited in the number of classes you are allowed to take in a semester, and you are not allowed to take courses on permit, or register during the Summer Semester.  The  Committee on Course and Standing or your academic advisor may set additional restrictions on registration.


If you do not maintain the minimum GPA of 2.5 while on probation, you may be dismissed from the College, and cannot attend any CUNY classes for a minimum of one semester. In general, only students who have demonstrably improved their academic readiness may appeal to the appropriate Committee on Course and Standing for reinstatement.

Re-entry / Reinstatement

A student who has been out of City College for a semester or more (whether for personal reasons or because of Academic Dismissal) must file a Readmission Application with the Office of Admissions at least 3 months before the start of the semester. If the applicant's GPA is below 2.0 then he/she must also submit a written appeal for reinstatement to the appropriate Committee on Course and Standing. If a professional school turns down a re-entry request the student can make a final appeal for reinstatement  the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The student will need to indicate an interest in a specific area of study offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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