PUC-Rio Brazil Exchange Program

Dates: Fall, Spring, or Full Year

Credits: 12-15


CCNY students now have the chance to spend a semester or full year at PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of Latin America's most diverse and vibrant cities! This exchange program between CCNY and PUC-Rio offers courses taught in English on Brazilian and Latin American culture, literature, business, design, civilization, history, and etc. Along with the courses in English, international students must also study Portuguese as a Second Language. Open to undergraduate and graduate students!


Any CUNY student interested in this exchange program must first speak with a CCNY study abroad advisor.  

In addition to the specific exchange program requirements and application process of the student´s home institution and study abroad office, the student must also observe all the requirements and deadlines of the PUC-Rio application process.  Students must send the required documents to PUC-Rio. Please visit the following site to fill out the online application form: http://www.puc-rio.br/ensinopesq/ccci/forms-hp.html


  • October 15th (for Spring)
  • May 15th (for Fall or Full Year)

Tuition/Fees: A registration fee is charged. The cost of the program may vary according to the home institution. Another orientation fee will be charged if students decide to study at PUC-Rio for one more semester. Exchange students are allowed to attend courses at PUC-Rio up to two regular terms plus the Pre-Term Portuguese as a second language Intensive Course.

Students registered for a year or those who request extension of the student exchange period, will pay the renewal of the registration fee charged during the deadline for the Exchange Period Extension.

VISA: A student visa is required. The visa must be obtained BEFORE the student´s entrance in Brazil. A tourist visa cannot be transferred into a student visa inside the country. When the applicant is accepted, CCCI will send a LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE that will enable him/her to obtain a visa at a Brazilian Consulate.



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