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Governance and Faculty

Sustainability in the Urban Environment

Governance and Faculty


Program Director

Hillary Brown (Architecture)

Executive Committee

Ahu Akseli (Architecture)
Hillary Brown (Architecture)
Marco Castaldi (Chem.Engr.)
Kevin Foster (Econ.) - acting
Johnny Luo (Science; EAS)
Kyle McDonald (Science; EAS)
David Rumschitzki (Chem.Engr.)

Curriculum Committee

Lance Brown (Architecture)
Jane Gallagher (Biology)
David Rumschitzki (Chem.Engr.)

Program Faculty

Ahu Akseli (Arch.)
Alan Feigenberg (Arch.)
Balazs Fekete (Civil Engr.)
Beth Wittig (Civil Engr.)
James Booth (EAS)
Catherine Seavitt (Arch.)
Charles Vorosmarty (Civil Engr.)
Christian Volkmann (Arch.)
David Rumschitzki (Chem. Engr.)
Denise Hoffman (Arch.)
Elizabeth Biddinger (Chem. Engr.)
Fred Moshary (Elec. Engr.)
Hillary Brown (Arch.)
Jane Gallagher (Biology)
Johnny Luo (EAS)
Jorge Gonzalez (Mech. Engr.)
June Williamson (Arch.)
Karin Block (EAS)
Kevin Foster (Economics)
Kyle McDonald (EAS)
Lance Brown (Arch.)
Marco Castaldi (Chem. Engr.)
Matthew Daus (UTRC)
Michael Piasecki (Civil Engr.)
Nicholas Madamopoulos (E.Engr.)
Nir Krakauer (Civil Engr.)
Peter Gisolfi (Arch.)
Robert Paaswell (Civ. Engr.)
Urs Jans (Chemistry)
Yael Wyner (Education; Biology)
Yiannis Andreopoulos (M.Engr.)



Courses are taught by the faculties of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, the Grove School of Engineering, the Division of Science, and the Division of Social Sciences. 

Additional Associated Faculty

Alan Barlis (Arch.)
Michael Bobker (Civil Engr.)
Morris Bocian (Business)
Robert Bryce (Arch.)
Caleb Crawford (Arch.)
Vasil Diyamandoglu (Civ.E.)
Ira Feldman (Law)
George John (Chemistry)
Marcha Johnson (Arch.)
Susan Kaplan (Arch.)
Paul Reale (Mech. Engr.)
George Smith (Law)
Michael Sorkin (Arch.)
Caleb Stratton (Urb. Planning)
Iddo Wernick (Physics)
Jason Wong (Economics)
Ardavan Yazdanbakhsh (Civ.E.)
Pengfei Zhang (EAS)