SUS 8100B Macro-Hydrology

Fall 2017. Subject to refinement/updating.

Instructor: Charles Vorosmarty
Schedule: Thursday 6:50 p.m. to 9:20 p.m.
Location: Marshak 925
3 credits 3 hours/week


Professor Charles Vörösmarty, Civil Engineering Department [Subject Line: "CE G8100: Macro-Hydrology"]

Office hours: By appointment in MR-925.


This course focuses on the numerous roles that water plays in the Earth System and how the water cycle has been altered by humans and global change. Lectures and associated readings will provide an introduction to current, “hot” topics in macro-scale hydrology, introduce students to multi-investigator team research, and provide practical tools for improved science writing.


To secure an introduction to macro-scale hydrology and sustainability issues relating to water

• Explore in small teams key research topics, the outputs of which could serve as themes for future graduate work or potentially a publishable scientific journal article on an important and timely issue in macro-scale hydrology

• Provide practical experience in group research, making presentations, writing proposals & scientific papers

Required Reading

Lectures and associated readings will provide an introduction to macro-scale hydrology, focusing on regional to global domains. Students will review the scientific literature and together with the instructor identify and execute a team-based, "fast-tack" analysis of a timely issue in macro-scale hydrology.  Topics include:

• Human Transformations of the Global Water Cycle

• Macro-scale Hydrological Models

• Biogeochemical Fluxes & Associated Water Quality Issues

• Global Water Assessment and Sustainability

• Synthesis across Topics

Full reading list available upon request.

Course Outline