Cleared4 Access, Random Testing, and Locations

Dear Campus Community

As of Monday, 12/6/21, we will be discontinuing the use of the V-22 sticker and the Excelsior Pass for campus access (please see my memo on Random COVID Testing).  This means you will need to know how to access your Cleared4 pass. It is best that you practice this before you come to campus.  Please remember that each person has a "personal" link to Cleared4.  This is why we cannot send you generic instructions on how to access your pass.  If you do not know your link or cannot locate it, please send an email to and we will be able to assist you.

Thank you,

Ken Ihrer
VP of Operations and CIO
COVID Coordinator
The City College of New York

*Please view the message from VP Ihrer related to RANDOM COVID-19 TESTING.

As advised by CCNY Human Resources, random testing is not optional.  

Being tested when you are notified is not optional and is necessary in order to obtain campus-wide results each week and thus help keep everyone safe.

In any given week, selected individuals will receive an email from with subject line “Message from City University of New York (CUNY)”. This email includes instructions to complete their registration via a personalized link and will have to test at a CUNY test site within 7 days (no appointment necessary). CUNY test centers will be closed over Thanksgiving weekend. For your convenience, the list of CUNY approved testing sites is available here. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT TEST RESULTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM A NON-CUNY TESTING SITE

For a list of CUNY COVID-19 testing locations and hours, please visit:


This notice is comprised of memos sent by VP Ken Ihrer, and the 11/30 memo from our CCNY HR Department related to Random COVID Testing.

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