What is USG?

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the official student government body of undergraduate students at The City College of New York. USG is dedicated to providing representation to CCNY students, managing on-campus clubs, and providing a range of services to the undergraduate community.

What services do you provide to students?

Among the services provided by USG are: printing, copying, faxing, local phone calls, computer usage, condoms, answers to general questions, and club support.

What does the USG do?

The USG is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To serve as representatives of the undergraduate students of The City College of New York to the faculty and administration of the college and university;
  • To represent the undergraduate students of City College to persons or groups outside of the college and university whenever such representation is called for;
  • To secure meaningful participation in the decision-making organs within the college;
  • To provide services and develop policies and initiatives that benefit the undergraduate students of City College.

What are the current issues?
We are battling issues with the protection and increase of student space (to allocate offices to all clubs in Baskerville Hall), the allocation of student resources at the new dorms, the use of student resources by high school students, new security alerts (i.e. students should use the security escort and CCNY bus to go to the train stations), the athletic field and south-campus construction projects, the gym and its hours (or lack thereof), attendance at sports games, the proposed automatic tuition increase and ensuring that, if it goes through, that those funds return to students, and our now completed instructors guide.

How do I join?
Elections are held for USG offices every April. An application may be picked up from the Office of Student Life (NAC 1/210) in March. Once your qualifications have been verified, you must attend a mandatory orientation where rules are explained.

During the semester, seats may become vacant. In this case, you may (1) visit the Office of Student Life to obtain an application and you will be notified when the USG meets to vote in new members; or (2) visit the USG Office (NAC 1/111) and leave your name and contact information with a Senator or Executive Officer.

What are the qualifications to join USG?

Any full-time or part-time undergraduate student registered in a degree-granting program and in good academic standing is eligible to run for the Senate, representing the Division, School, or Program in which he/she is enrolled. In order to run for a position in the Executive Cabinet, one must meet the Senate requirements and has served at least one term in the Senate, on a Senate or college-wide Committee, or as an Executive Officer of a student organization at City College.

How do I register a club?

To register a club, visit the Office of Student Life (NAC 1/210) or 212.650.5002. It is important to register early in the semester to meet the registration and funding deadlines.

How do I get club funding?

We give clubs funding based on a point system. To receive funding, an executive must attend the COO meetings and the club orientation. These meetings provide pertinent information for the successful management of clubs at CCNY. Also, clubs are automatically granted some funding upon successful registration. There are also supplementary sources for funding: AEC for itemized usages and Perrywinkle for collaborative events. These applications can be picked up from the the USG office in NAC 1/111 at the begging of the semester.

What are COO meetings?

COO stands for the Council of Organizations. We meet 2-3 times a semester to ensure that student leaders receive important information regarding club funding. We also send out important information to clubs via email so it is important to check your club email regularly.

When does USG meet?
We usually hold our general meetings on Thursdays, during Club Hours. For dates and locations, please see our calendar

Are USG meetings open to the public?
Absolutely! We are required to be, pursuant to the New York State Open Meetings Law.


If you have further questions, you may contact us at or 212.650.8175.