Earth and Atmospheric Science, Master of Science

Fall Admissions Deadline: May 1st
Spring Admissions Deadline: November 15th

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences is an inherently interdisciplinary research field that brings together not only a wide breadth of natural sciences and methodological approaches but also integrates these with human activities and sustainability. Graduate education in the EAS department emphasizes terrestrial and coastal ecology, atmospheric science and climate, geology, and geochemistry and environmental chemistry. EAS offers a number of opportunities to qualified graduate students to participate in innovative, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and international research activities that have both environmental and socio-economic importance. EAS offers M.S. degrees and supervises Ph.D. studies through the CUNY Graduate Center.

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Creating knowledge for a changing planet: ONLY HERE AT CCNY

The NOAA sponsored Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies supports many EAS students

Closely associated with the CUNY CREST, the Sustainability Program, the Crossroads Initiative, and the ASRC

With certifications including OSHA safety and HAZWOPER, our program prepares students to be environmental professionals

Students receive funding from teaching assistantships and as research assistants with faculty

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Student Info

Given its interdisciplinary nature, EAS welcomes new students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds. Successful students in recent years have had various liberal arts degrees in addition to more typical science and engineering degrees. Former EAS students have found jobs in the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection and Emergency Management Services, the EPA, USGS, various environmental consulting firms and risk management companies, and various PhD programs (all fully funded) throughout the country.

Faculty Info

All EAS faculty are involved in internationally-recognized, collaborative research with the help of graduate students. EAS faculty have received millions of dollars to carry out research that spans the range from climate change issues relevant to New York City to the geologic record of earthquakes in New Zealand. Recent recognition of EAS faculty include an appointment to the White House national ocean policy advisory panel (Maria Tzortziou), and the CUNY Graduate Center mentorship award (Karin Block).

EAS Curricular

Curricular Innovation

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has developed a unique version of the Earth Systems Science (ESS) model, the proposed national curriculum in Earth sciences. The focus of ESS is to integrate the chemical and physical principles which interlink earth processes and features. The integrated curriculum gives us the flexibility to offer research training in the following areas: atmospheric science and climate, geology and geophysics, geochemistry and environmental chemistry, and terrestrial and coastal ecology.


Admissions Facts

Total Credits: 30-36

GRE Required: No

Minimum Language Test Scores: 500 (TOEFL PBT), 61 (TOEFL IBT), 6 (IELTS), 44 (PTE) or 85 (Duolingo)

Degree Awarded: M.S.

Eligibility: Entering students should have completed one year of study in Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. Applicants lacking this background may qualify depending on their experience and academic background, but may be required to take additional courses in these fields.

Supporting Documents Required:

  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal Statement

Application Instructions and Deadlines

Program Advisor: Prof. Steven Kidder
For more information, please visit the Program Website.

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