Advising Syllabus

Advising at City College


The City College academic advisers believe that our students should become proud members of the college community while they achieve their academic and career goals and become citizens of the world.

Mission Statement:

The City College academic advisers support student growth and development by enabling students to identify their academic interests and abilities. They empower students to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students through collaborative advising practices. Academic advising programs at the City College work with one-another, with departments and offices across the institution to promote integrated student learning, development and success.


This document is meant to guide you through your career here at City College.  Much like a syllabus for a college class guides you through the course, telling you what the aims of the class are, what you can expect to learn from it, and, most importantly, what is expected of you, this document is meant to help you navigate your undergraduate career.  Just like a syllabus is no substitute for the professor, this is not meant to be a substitute for your advisor.  This document offers guidelines, a timeframe and milestones, but your relationship with your advisor is personal and should be used to help you grow to your fullest ability throughout your college career.  In other words, this document does not replace the relationship that you develop with your advisor.

Your Advisor will:

  • Treat you with respect and take your concerns seriously.

  • Clarify academic requirements and guide you through your core classes and the beginning of your major.

  • Help you if you struggle academically.

  • Help to guide you to a major that is a good fit for you.

  • Help you to develop your skills as a student.

  • Help guide you to co-curricular activities that are a good fit for you.

  • Help you solve problems and to listen to you.

  • Keep your conversations confidential.

What your Advisor can expect from you:

Understand that your advisor is not here to do everything for you; this is your education and, ultimately, you are responsible for it. Take ownership of your college experience.  We are here to help you become a responsible adult and it is your responsibility to act accordingly. 

You are expected to:

  • Treat your advisor with respect and to understand that s/he has many students for whom s/he is responsible.

  • Meet regularly with your advisor and make appointments when appropriate.

  • Search for answers yourself before coming to your advisor.

  • Be polite and communicative with your advisor.

  • Read your CCNY emails every day!

    • All of you will get a CCNY email account. This is the official way your advisor and the University will communicate with you during your college career. We expect you to read this email daily.  Your CCNY email is the way the college gets in touch with you about announcements that may have an impact on your registration, bill payment, financial aid, scheduling, etc.  Please keep in mind that many offices such as the Bursar, Registrar and Admissions only accept email messages from your CCNY email address.

  • Seek support and assistance before a problem becomes a PROBLEM.