Junior Year


Fifth Semester:

  • By the fifth semester, your major should be declared.* 
  • Declare your minor(s).  Undeclared minors can interfere with your TAP eligibility.
  • Review your core requirements.  Complete any outstanding coursework in that area of the curriculum.  Are you doing Pre-Med or Pre-Law?  What requirements or suggested classes do you need to be prepared to take those exams? **
  • Consult with one of the Career Professional Development Institute (CPDI) counselors to develop an effective resume. Now is the time to make sure that you are ready to grab internship opportunities and be ready to get noticed at the Career Fairs.
  • Make sure you are registered with, and go to, the CPDI. Note the dates of its recruitment fairs.
  • Apply for internships & REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates – information available on the National Science Foundation website) scholarships and fellowships.***
  • Do you have several faculty members who are ready to write letters of recommendation for you?
  • Have you been involved in extracurricular activities?  Have you held leadership positions?
  • Start thinking of your plans after graduation. Do you want to go to work or graduate school, or do something else?

 *In order to continue to be eligible to receive Financial Aid upon the accrual of 60 credits, you must have declared a major. 

** If you are considering a gap year or two to prepare, discuss a productive way to use this time with your pre-professional advisors. If you do not plan to take a gap year, then you will need to plan a study schedule.  MCATs and LSATs need to be taken before the end of this year if you want to start school as soon as you graduate. Applications for Medical School should be in by June or July.

***There are many prestigious scholarships that you might want to apply for in your junior year.  Find out more about the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service, Goldwater Scholarship for STEM research, Morris K. Udall Scholarship for students who plan careers focused on the environment, Public Policy Junior Summer Institutes for students planning careers in public service. Students must discuss these fellowships long before the deadlines with the National Scholarships Coordinator. Keep your eyes peeled for Scholarship Information Sessions throughout the year.


Sixth Semester:

  • Do a preliminary ‘graduation check’ with your divisional, special program, and major advisors. Bring a copy of your DegreeWorks audit in your appointment with your advisors. If you are missing anything, you can plan to take it in your senior year.
  • Does your major require a senior project? 
  •  Pay attention to deadlines for study abroad programs, REUs, internships, and work or volunteer programs.
  • Spend this semester and the summer doing very serious research about which programs are right for you.
  • If you are planning to apply for fellowships to support graduate education, you need to be working on these over the summer. They are due in the fall.