Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits are required for graduation? Minimum amount of credits required for BA, BA, BFA, BM is 120 Credits.

How do I apply for graduation?  You need to apply on CUNYFirst.

I filed for graduation, what should I do next? Check in with your major and divisional/school advisor for a final graduate check.

I am missing one class; can I still participate in the Commencement? Yes and please contact Student Life about walking in the graduation ceremony

Is it possible to use one course to fulfil two requirements? You can use up to 9 credits between majors. Pathways requirements may also count as a major requirement in some cases.

I feel that I may have a learning disability. Who do I contact at CCNY for help?  The AccessAbility Center

How many credits do I need to take to be considered "full-time" student? 12 credits (12  contributory credits for TAP and 15 for Excelsior on DegreeWorks) 

What is a contributory course? A course that counts on DegreeWorks for either  your pathways, major, minor or allowable elective credits.

What is a non-contributory course? A course that shows up the in elective not allowed section of your DegreeWorks

What is a free elective? It is a course that doesn’t go towards your major, minor or pathways requirement. It is a course that goes toward your degree credits

What are the requirements to declare a major/minor? Each major and minor has different requirements.  Please check with the department that you are planning to major/minor in.

How do I declare or change my major? Print out the major declaration form and bring to your major advisor to sign and submit to the Registrar.

How do I declare or change my minor? Follow the instructions above.

Can I graduate with a double major? Yes, you can declare up to three majors.

I tried to register, but an "ADV” has been placed on my records. How can I get this removed? You would need to speak to your professional advisor in your home school or division. (refer to the flowchart "Where do I go for advising")  

How do I add a course/withdraw from a course? You can only add a course during the registration period. You can withdraw from a class up until the end of the Course Withdrawal period end. Please check the Academic Calendar. You can do both of these processes on CUNYFirst.  Check with your advisor if approval is needed.

Is it possible to retroactively withdraw from a course? Yes and you would have to do an appeal through Academic Standards.

Can I take courses at other colleges and transfer them to CCNY?  Yes you can.  Please inquire with your professional advisor in your home school or division. They will determine your eligibility.

I believe I deserve a better grade than the grade I received in a course. How can I appeal or contest the course grade? You can appeal through Academic Standards.

I need to take a semester or year off, what should I do? We do not have an official Leave of Absence policy but please check your professional advisor about the steps needed for rentry into the College.

I am having trouble in one or more of my classes. What can I do?  Check with an advisor in your division (refer to the flowchart "Where do I go for advising")  for options of what to do in your situation. They might advise you to check Tutoring Centers to get academic help or some other plan that is feasible in your situation.

I would like some help with some personal issues. Where should I go for help? The Counseling Center provides students with a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space to voice their concerns and address these concerns with a counselor. 

I’m a transfer student, can I take an e-permit class at another college in my last semester? While we don’t recommend taking an e-permit in your last semester you can talk to your professional advisor in your home school or division and they can determine if you are eligible.

I want to study abroad; what do I do? Please speak with Ms. Gomez in Study Abroad NAC 5/216 to ensure proper registration and transfer of credits.

I took a study-abroad class and I don’t see the grade on my transcript. Who can I talk to? Please speak with Ms. Gomez in Study Abroad Office NAC 5/216.

How do I appeal to enroll for a course for the 3rd? ? You can appeal through Academic Standards.