Standard IV Working Group


Across all educational experiences, settings, levels, and instructional modalities, the institution recruits and admits students whose interests, abilities, experiences, and goals are congruent with its mission and educational offerings. The institution commits to student retention, persistence, completion, and success through a coherent and effective support system sustained by qualified professionals, which enhances the quality of the learning environment, contributes to the educational experience, and fosters student success.


  • Juana Reina (co-chair), Vice President, Student Affairs, Division of Student Affairs

  • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski (co-chair), Associate Provost, Academic Services, Office of the Provost

  • Terri Watson (co-chair), Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, School of Education

    • Shellye Belton, Deputy Director, Financial Aid, Office of the Provost

    • Kamilah Briscoe, Director, Student Success, Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

    • Robert, Curry, Operations Lieutenant / Assistant Director, Public Safety and Security, Office of Public Safety and Security

    • Alejandro, Gonzalez, Associate Director, Student Life and Leadership Development, Division of Student Affairs

    • Ana King-Garcia, Executive Director, Campus Engagement, Division of Student Affairs

    • Joseph LoGiudice, Manager, AccessAbility / Disability Services, Division of Student Affairs

    • Dani McBeth, Associate Medical Professor / Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

    • Pauline Pabon, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions, Office of Admissions

    • Issa Salame, Lecturer, Chemistry, Division of Science

    • Teresa Scala, Research Associate,  , Office of the Provost

    • Nkem Stanley-Mbamelu, Associate Director, CCAPP, Division of Science

    • Dominic Stellini, Executive Director, Student Engagement Initiatives, Office of the President

    • Diane Watford, College Accounting Assistant, Bursar, Budget and Finance

    • Kern, Williams, Director, Housing and Residence Life, Division of Student Affairs

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