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Allows faculty and staff to proactively, collaboratively, and efficiently provide the right supports for students at the right times to guide students to a strong path to graduation.

What Is CCNY Navigate?

CCNY Navigate is an interactive coordinated care platform designed to help students succeed and enhance the CCNY experience for everyone. CCNY Navigate enables staff and faculty to connect students more efficiently with advising and the college's various support programs and enrichment opportunities. Faculty users can manage appointments, conduct email campaigns, take notes, view student records, and alert students, advisors, and student support programs when they are concerned about a student’s ability to be successful.

Introduction to CCNY Navigate for New Faculty Users (Start Here)

Welcome to the CCNY Navigate Community! The document and video below are informative introductions to CCNY Navigate:

Features & Tools for Faculty
  • View and utilize academic performance and progression information for students in your courses.
  • Create appointment summary reports memorializing meetings with students.
  • Message students in your classes using in-platform rosters.
  • Issue notifications to refer students to campus resources (i.e. Tutoring, The Writing Center, Advising, etc.)
  • Complete progress reports for students in classes (when requested via email.)
  • Set availability for office hours and/or consultation appointments.

Faculty and staff users must use their CUNYFirst credentials to access either of the sites through the links below:


Accessing CCNY Navigate

Faculty and staff users must use their CUNYFirst credentials to access either of the sites through the links below:

Guides to Key Features

Appointment Campaigns

Appointment Campaigns let staff reach out to specific student populations and encourage them to schedule appointments through a direct link.

Communication with Students through Navigate

Instructors have the ability to send an email and text messages to students individually or in groups through CCNY Navigate.

It is important to keep in mind that all correspondence sent through the platform becomes a part of the student's educational record and is therefore covered by the Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)

"Home" Pages:

All faculty members will have two "home" pages: The "Professor Home" gives instructors access to their classes and records for their students. The "Staff Home" allows instructors to give their students the ability to schedule appointments through the CCNY Navigate platform.


"Notes" are a quick method to attach information to a student's record.  You can decide whether to allow the student to see the note or not.

It is important to keep in mind that all notes posted to a student's profile in Navigate, becomes a part of the student's educational record and are therefore covered by the Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)


Notifications are the method by which instructors can provide valuable feedback to students about their performance while providing information about valuable campus resources.  There is also the ability to send kudos to students who are doing well!


Progress Reports let faculty alert the CCNY advising community and administration about a student who may need assistance or the potential at-risk student who may be about to leave the College. Advisors and academic support staff will then process the Progress Reports and get the student the help they need.

Progress Report Campaigns

Progress Report Campaigns are a method for the College to gather information on students' academic progress early in the semester. Faculty will receive an email asking that they provide feedback for students in their class. Rarely will this be for all students in a particular section. Faculty will use the same Notification from the previous section to provide this feedback

Ad-Hoc Progress Reports

The most common way for faculty to submit Progress Reports is through a Progress Report Campaign. However, CCNY faculty members can submit an ad-hoc progress report at any time, even without prompting through a progress report campaign. Since Progress Report Campaigns focus on cohorts of students and rarely include all students in any section, this method can be used to provide information about students who may be struggling but were not included in the Progress Report Campaign.

Student Appointments

Setting up student appointments is done by creating "availabilities" through the "Staff Home". If you choose to do use the appointment feature, it is recommended that you sync the calendar in the CCNY Navigate platform with your Outlook or Google calendar. 

Student Profiles:

The student profile allows instructors to access a great deal of academic information about students in their classes in a very convenient format.


To-Dos are created by staff members to prompt future action regarding a particular student. This can be useful to track next steps for the staff member, to follow up on pertinent information shared during an appointment, or to reconnect with a student at a more appropriate time. 

CCNY Navigate Support and Training

Virtual CCNY Navigate Support for Faculty and Staff

  • CCNY Navigate Virtual Office Hours:
    Join Navigate Office Hours
    • Thursdays 2:00  - 3:00 PM (when the campus is open)
      • For quick questions.
      • Held Via Zoom
      • For Security Reasons: Please join from your CCNY Zoom account. 
      • NOTE: Office hours will NOT be held on 10/5/2023
  • Group Training Events
    • General Training for Faculty
      • All training sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Please only register for one session as spots are limited. 
        • More Dates will be added as needed.
  • Private Training for Department/Program Teams 

Email Support

Email questions or concerns to navigatehelp@ccny.cuny.edu . A screenshot that illustrates your question or issue is always helpful.

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