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Application Process

College Now

Application Process

Summer Architecture 2017



  • Ask your College Now Liaison (at your high school) or email the CCNY College Now Office ( to obtain an application packet.
  • Fill out all forms with your information and have your parent/guardian sign them.
  • Bring the application packet to the College Now Liaison and ask them to provide you with an official copy of your latest transcript 
  • ​​Have your liaison check off and sign the Cover Sheet for College - credit. 
  • Bring ALL forms and documents to the application appointment.

Application Dates:

Summer 2019
March 12 - May 7

Fall 2019
May 8 - July 2

*Applicants must submit their application packet  to the College Now office by appointment ONLY.

All incomplete applications will be rejected, and student in  
possession of such application will be required to arrange for  a new application appointment.