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"What is expected from us is different in the program than in high school. We are actually treated like adults. For example, to know when something is due we have to look at our syllabus because our professor only mentions it once."

"College Now is not only preparing me for college, but it gives me access to the student resources; I have also found myself to write better essays and  reading more because of my English Composition course."

"I like that as a high school student I am able to take a college class. I get a preview of what college is going to be like before I even finish my senior year, so I'll be familiar with a college setting."

"I like many things in this program but the major one is that this program helps high school students prepare to what is next to come. It helps you see and plan ahead and helps you get a head start on what college is really like, because nothing really gets any easier everything get's harder and you need to prepare yourself to what you are going to experience in a few years."

"Being in College Now gives you a real college experience and it's not like taking an AP course."

Last Updated: 04/01/2024 11:30