Information for Students


Virtual Link Information

The 2021 Virtual Salute To Graduates link/website information will be published and emailed soon. 


Virtual Celebration Logistics

Marching Order is the company that CCNY has selected to create a virtual celebration.  This includes the collection of the graduation data needed to successfully complete the ceremony. 

In preparation for your celebration, you will receive emails from the following CCNY email address,  requesting information that you must enter and/or upload.  

Please note the timeline of the information that will be needed below - all communications will require a timely response:

  • May 10, 2021 deadline date for students to submit pronunciation of their names phonetically. 
  • May 18, 2021 deadline date for students to submit their photos and a message for personalization of your presentation slide.  

​You must adhere to all the guidelines that will be provided before submitting your information.

Below you will see a draft sample of the slide.  Your slide will have your information and photo.

Sample of graduate slide


Caps & Gown (Regalia)    

For ordering information click here


  • Bachelor Student Keeper Cap. Gown and Tassel -   $30.00 

  • Master Student Keeper Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Hood   -  $56.00 

  • Grad Stoles for CWE are $27.00

Regalia Information

  • CCNY undergraduate students do not wear hoods.

  • CCNY caps have tassels in the school colors.

  • CCNY graduate students wear hoods colored according to their degree.

Wear your academic robe closed. Your cap should be centered on your head with the mortarboard (the top) flat, not tilted. Caps tend to slip; hairpins will help.  No jeans please; wear shoes, not sneakers.  For undergraduates, the tassel on your cap should be worn in front on the right side; they will be switched to the left when the President confers the degrees near the end of the ceremony.  The cap and gown are yours to keep.

Cap & Gown

OPTIONAL: Opportunity to order your cap and gown to ship home. VISIT LINK FOR MORE INFO: CLICK HERE

Senior Rings (Option 1): Balfour
Senior Rings (Option 2): Herff Jones

OPTIONAL: Opportunity to see/purchase Senior Rings. VISIT LINK FOR MORE INFO: CLICK HERE

Senior Portraits

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Schedule an appointment with Thornton Studio to get your senior portrait taken for the Yearbook: CLICK HERE

Diploma Plaques

OPTIONAL:Opportunity to see/purchase Diploma Plaques. VISIT LINK FOR MORE INFO: CLICK HERE

Yearbook Photo Submission

OPTIONAL:Want some of your photos featuring campus life to be in the Yearbook? This is the chance! VISIT LINK FOR MORE INFO:CLICK HERE

Create Your Graduation Slide

OPTIONAL:Each graduate will have the opportunity to be recognized with an official slide that you can customize with your photo and a personal message, and which can be downloaded and shared on social media. Check your school email for an email with instructions already sent from on behalf of . You will have until May 10th to submit name pronunciation and May 18th for photo and message submission.CLICK HERE


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:Take a look at some common questions and answers asked by students. VISIT LINK FOR MORE INFO:CLICK HERE

Honor Cords

OPTIONAL:Due to COVID19 honor cords will not be distributed by the divisions as usual. To learn about the distribution of the honor cords please reach out to your perspective division for details.