Course & Curriculum Changes

The latest Computer Engineering requirements are here >>.

Pre- and corequisite changes

A course‘s pre- and corequisites may change, but you must always follow new requisites, not the old ones. It is your responsibility to ensure this, not ours. You will be removed from a course if you violate its pre- or corequisite, even if the registration system lets you enroll.  The removal will happen after the semester starts, when it is too late to get into another course.  Your financial aid, visa status, and time to graduation may be harmed.

You may, however, earn the degree using the set of courses (not prerequisites) required by any older curriculum, as long as you have been attending in the major every Spring and Fall since then.


Urgent courses

Because of their pre- and corequisites, it is important to take each of the following courses as soon as possible.  Delaying any of them may delay your graduation:  {Math 201} → {Math 212 & Phys 207} → {Math 213 & Phys 208 & Engr 204} → {EE 205 & EE 241 & EE 221}  → {EE 322} → {EE 425 & (possibly) EE 598.68}.

Also:  Note that the two Track Electives must be from the same track.  You will not satisfy graduation requirements if you take one course from each track.


General Education (Pathways) Flexible Core liberal arts requirements

Make sure that your chosen liberal arts electives also satisfy Pathways requirements.  See here >>.


Spring 2023

  • EE 472 (Digital Design using Verilog) is a new System track elective.

  • EE 359 (Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Engineering) is a new Computation & Signal Processing track elective, formerly the experimental EE 598.37.

  • New general CpE electives in CSc & EE:  CSc 380, 423, 445, 447, 456, 460, 474 and 492;  and EE 359, 471 and 472.

Spring 2021

  • CSc 599.29 (Machine Learning), a Computation & Signal Processing track elective mentioned below, is now CSc 447.

  • EE G6530 (Biologically Inspired Computing), a Computation & Signal Processing track elective mentioned below, is now EE i6530 (Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Applications).

Spring 2020

New electives are available.

  • For the Practice/Ethics Elective: Eco 104.

  • For the Computation & Signal Processing track: CSc 599.29 (Machine Learning), EE 471 (Digital Image Processing), and, for those eligible to take graduate courses, EE G6530 (Biologically Inspired Computing).

Spring 2019

The calculus sequence has changed:

  • Starting in fall 2018, Math 201 was 4 credits instead of 3 credits, with changed content.

  • Starting in spring 2019, Math 202 (3 credits) is not offered.  The new Math 212 (4 credits), with changed content, is available instead.

  • Starting in fall 2019, Math 203 is replaced by Math 213 (still 4 credits), which will include the vector analysis content that is currently part of Math 392.  For those who take Math 213, Math 392 is replaced by the all-linear-algebra Math 346.

Spring 2018

  • CSc 332 (Operating Systems) now has prerequisites CSc 220 (Algorithms) and 221 (Software Design Lab).  It no longer requires Probability & Statistics (EE 311 or CSc 217).

Fall 2015

There have been some changes to course pre- and corequisites.

  • EE 210 (Switching Systems) now has Math 202 as a corequisite, not a prerequisite.

  • EE 425 (CpE Lab) has an additional prerequisite, EE 322 (EE Lab 2). So make sure to take EE 322 early.

  • Labs EE 421 & 422 now have an additional prerequisite, EE 221 (EE Lab 1).

  • Lab EE 426, instead of prerequisite EE 371, now has corequisite EE 371 and prerequisite EE 221.

  • CSc 470 & 472, instead of prerequisites CSc 301 & 322, now both just have prerequisite CSc 221.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012 brought a new Cp.E. curriculum with some changes in degree requirements and course prerequisites.

  • C.Sc. and E.E. elective options are now more flexible, and absorb the Engineering Science elective.

  • The new course CSc 103 (Intro for CSc & CpE Majors) is now required instead of CSc 102, for students who haven't taken it yet.

  • CSc 104 (Discrete Math) and 332 (Operating Systems) are now 4 credits, and have additional time and material.

  • EE 205 (Linear Systems 1) now has Engr 103 as a prerequisite, not a pre/corequisite.

  • EE 312 (Communication Theory) now requires EE 205.

  • Because EE 598.66 (EE Senior Design 1) has prerequisites which Cp.E. majors don't satisfy, they should take EE 598.68 instead (EE Senior Design 1 for CpE), which still requires EE 322 (Lab 2) and pre/corequisite EE 425 (CpE Lab).  As always, CSc 598.66 (CSc Senior Project 1) is the other option.


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