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For all the details on admission requirements and procedures, please visit the Grove School of Engineering's Undergraduate Admission page, and the CCNY Office of Admissions website.


The courses that make up the major portion of the Computer Engineering curriculum are offered by the Electrical Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department.  Descriptions may be found in the Undegraduate Bulletin, or by clicking on course names in the CUNY schedule of classes.


Registration starts two weeks earlier than in previous semesters!

Enrollment in fall 2023 courses starts on March 14th, seniors first.  Advising is required for all students before they can enroll in fall classes.  Details.

Enrollment in summer courses starts on Feb. 28th, possibly as early as 12:01 a.m.  Everyone enrolls at the same time.  Advising is not needed.

Students who have applied for June graduation will not be able to enroll.  You can cancel your application.


Course and curriculum changes

The latest changes in degree requirements (curriculum) and courses (pre- and corequisites) affect what courses you can and should register for.  See them here

Research & projects for students

Find out what your professors do, and talk to them about work you can do for them, or independent study or a project in which they can supervise you.

Scholarship aid, research fellowships & awards

Information can be found at the OAA awards and Admissions sites.


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