How to Apply to the ECE Program


Q. What are the requirements for admission to the ECE Program?
A. There are four (4) requirements for admission: a GPA requirement, a coursework requirement, an admission test, and an admission interview.

Q. What is the required GPA for admission to the program?
A. You must have a 2.8 GPA at the time of your admission interview.

Q. Do I have to take the School of Education Admission Test?
A. Yes, you are required to take the SEAT and pass both the multiple-choice section and the essay. The passing score is 57. Students can attempt the test a total of three times. You must produce a passing score no later than your interview date.

Q. What courses do I have to take before my admission interview?
A. IAS 10000  Writing for Interdisciplinary Studies 1
IAS 10100  Writing for Interdisciplinary Studies 2
One American History course or American Government and Politics course
One additional social science course (e.g. anthropology, sociology, economics, or an appropriate interdisciplinary course)
IAS 10400  Core Science1 or IAS 10500  Core Science 2
SOC 38144  Sociology of Education
EDCE 20604  ECE 1: Theories of Development Applied to Early Childhood Practice
EDCE 20614  ECE 2: Development, Assessment, Teaching, and Learning
You are required to earn a grade of A, B, or C in each of these courses.

Q. Can I use transfer courses to meet the coursework requirement?
A. Yes, as long as you received grades of A, B, or C for the courses.

Q. Why is an interview required?
A. The ECE Program confers a professional credential that leads to New York State certification. Admission interviews are standard for professional degree programs.

Q. Who interviews applicants to the ECE Program, and what will they ask me?
A. Faculty in the ECE Program will interview you. Interviews take place during the spring semesters only, in March or April. The interview process is about three hours long and includes writing an essay. Interview questions cover knowledge of child development theories, methods of observing and recording young children's behavior, and your experiences and motivations for becoming an early childhood teacher.

Q. If I am admitted to the ECE Program, when can I start taking ECE courses?
A. If you are admitted to the ECE Program, you become a "teacher candidate." The ECE coursework sequence starts in the Summer Session with EDCE 40500, Facilitating Children's Artistic Development and EDCE 40600, Facilitating Children's Musical Development. Please note that the gateway course for the ECE Program is EDCE 32304, Language Development and Emergent Literacy 1, which is offered in the Fall semesters only. Teacher candidates are required to pass this course to continue as teacher candidates in the ECE Program.

Q. How will I know if I meet all the requirements for admission to the ECE Program?
A. Check your transcript for your GPA. If you took the SEAT, your score will be emailed to your Citymail account about 4-5 weeks after your test date. Your CWE Advising Worksheet is your record of courses taken (at City College and from previous colleges) that meet requirements for the ECE Program. Consult your academic advisor if you have questions about courses that meet the requirements.


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