Financial Aid

A City College of New York Financial Aid Way Station at CWE

The principal role of financial aid services at the Center for Worker Education (CWE) is to assist working adults who have few opportunities to attend to administrative matters. We are CWE's Liaison with the primary financial aid office located at the main campus of the City College of New York (CCNY). We are a more accessible alternative, but with limited resources. 

    We are authorized to help by:

    1. Acting as a liaison between the student and the campus.

    2. Reviewing FASFA and all documents to determine eligibility for disbursement of financial aid.

    3. Providing individual counseling sessions with students when necessary.

    4. Notifying students of inconsistencies and missing information necessary for processing aid.

    5. Collecting, organizing and forwarding documents to the main campus financial aid office.

    What we can't do:

    1. We are not a full-service financial aid office.

    2. We cannot provide direct or immediate processing of documents.

    3. We are not the source of all financial aid services and information. We are not the Bursar.

    Important Links:

    For more information, please contact:

    Bonita Bonet-Haskins, or Warren Orange,

    Alternatively you can call the front desk and schedule and appointment: 212-925-6625 ext 0