Liberal Arts Requirements for Initial Certification

New York State requires 30 hours of liberal arts preparation (which can be completed at the undergraduate and/or graduate level) for initial certification in early childhood education. All teacher candidates must fulfill the following requirements at a grade of C or better in order to graduate from the program and be recommended for certification:

Content area Required number of courses Examples
Artistic Expression 1   art, dance, music, theater
Communication 1     communication, English, written or literary analysis, composition
Information Retrieval 1     library studies, research, computer literacy, educational technology
Humanities 1     literature, religion, philosophy, cultural anthropology
Written analysis and Expression 1     English composition, creative writing, introduction to writing
Concepts in historical & social sciences 2       history, geography, anthropology, economics, sociology, political science
Scientific processes 2       Astronomy Biology: cell biology and biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, genetics and evolution, biological diversity, human biology, zoology, cell nutrition Chemistry: matter and atomic structure, energy, chemical bonds and molecular structure, chemical reactions, quantitative relationships Earth Science: space systems, atmospheric systems, geological systems, water systems Physics
Mathematical processes 2 Mathematical reasoning, quantitative methods, number theory and concepts, algebra, analytic geometry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, probability, discrete mathematics
Language other than English 2 Documentation of three years of high school foreign language satisfies this requirement.   If an applicant provides documentation of graduation from a high school and/or college in which coursework is conducted in a language other than English, the requirement is fulfilled.