Contact Information

  Name Phone # Office E-mail
Beverly Falk 212-650-5182 North Academic Center, Room 5/211
Amita Gupta Amita Gupta 212-650-5199 North Academic Center, Room 5/209C
  Gay Wilgus 212-650-5886 North Academic Center, Room 5/209B
Nancy Cardwell Nancy Cardwell 212-650-5891 North Academic Center, Room 5/209A

Adjunct Faculty

Paula Doerfel: (EDCE 1900C - Language and Literacy Development in Young Children)

Eliza Chung: (EDCE 6000C - How Young Children Learn Math)

Elise Engler: (EDCE 4300C - Art and Expressive Activities for Young Children)

Elizabeth Grob: (EDCE 7301/2/3G - Student teaching)

Sara Meyer Loya: (EDCE 7301/2/3G - Student teaching)

Sara McLanaha Edlin: (EDCE 4200C - Including Young Children with Special Needs in the General Education Classroom)

Alycia Rhinehart: (EDCE 7150C - Fundamentals of Teaching in Early Childhood Contexts)

Rory Scott: (EDCE 1800K - Family/Child/School, EDCE 7301/2/3G - Student teaching)

Travis Sloane: tsloane@ccny.cuny.ed (EDCE 3300C - How Young Children Learn Science)

Kayla Ziontz: (EDCE 4800K - Managing the Environment for Young Children with Special Needs)