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    • "As part of the Graduate Program in Early Childhood Education’s ongoing work to support the development of culturally responsive educators, Professor Rory Scott in his course EDCE 1800K -Family/Child/School/Community takes his classes each semester on field trips throughout the Harlem community.  His purpose is to emphasize the importance of understanding and knowing about the resources and assets of the community in which each school resides.  Here is his class at the Harriet Tubman statue on 122nd Street and visiting Mr. Willie’s Farm nearby.  Mr. Willie grows cotton there to help learners know more about the history of slavery.”

    • Video Premiere and Discussion:  "Choice Time and Inquiry in Fanny Roman’s Kindergarten Classroom"
      Directed by Beverly Falk
      Video Production by Meryl Feigenberg
      February 13, 2018, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
      North Academic Center (NAC) Ballroom, 1st Floor
      The City College of New York
    • September 27, 2016 - Walking Alongside the Learner: Curriculum in Yvonne's Pre-K Classroom
    • Teaching Matters: Stories from Inside City Schools
      March 13, 2013
      5 PM - 7 PM
      North Academic Center, Room 4/220B
    • Culturally-Responsive Teaching: Incorporating the Contexts and Cultures of Students' Lives into the Curriculum
      February 28, 2013
      5 PM - 7 PM
      North Academic Center, Room 4/220B
    • Our conference: IN DEFENSE OF CHILDHOOD
      Keeping the Joy of Learning Alive, March 10, 2012, The City College of New York,
      More information ...

Students Visit Harriet Tubman Statue Students Visit Mr.Willie's Farm Students Visit Mr.Willie's Farm Students visit Mr. Willie's Farm Mr. Willie's Farm - Fox News  Student teacher and children reading stories


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