1. How do I apply to the program?

Apply Online

Deadlines for Admission to programs are October 15th for Spring matriculation and March 15th for fall matriculation.

2. What are the requirements?

You must include:

  • Three letters of reference
  • Official transcripts from the community college(s) (if applicable) and the college(s) where you earned your bachelor's degree.
  • An official transcript for any graduate courses you would like approval for transfer into the CCNY graduate program (up to 6 credits can be transferred).
  • A copy of your New York State initial certification if you wish to be admitted to the professional certification program.
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Submission of scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) (for admission after July 1, 2016)

An interview, which includes an on-site essay with program faculty is required for those who pass the first round of application reviews.

3. How long can I remain a non-matriculated student?

You may register for a total of nine credits while non-matriculated. To continue with courses after that, you must get accepted into the degree program. If not, the registrar puts a stop on your registration.

4. What does the program look for on my transcript?

Your previous transcripts will be checked to ensure that you have the appropriate liberal arts background for initial certification in Early Childhood Education. (The New York State Education Department requires 30 hours of liberal arts preparation for initial certification in early childhood education.)  While these requirements do not need to be completed before entering the program, they must be completed before graduating from the program.  Any outstanding pre-requisite courses are listed on the program sheet sent with your letter of acceptance to the program.  Undergraduate prerequisites can be fulfilled by completing courses at the undergraduate or graduate level or by passing a CLEP examination.

5. Can I apply graduate credits from another college toward the requirements for my degree from City College?

If you have already taken courses at another college and wish to transfer the credits to City College, you must submit transcripts from that coursework in your application to the graduate program and request an evaluation of the coursework at the time you apply to the graduate program. We will evaluate the credits when we receive an official copy of your transcript from the other college. Please do not assume that these credits will be accepted. Reading courses taken through other colleges are seldom accepted as the equivalent of the college's two required, carefully-sequenced reading courses. Your advisor will determine whether or not courses can be accepted as electives. 6 transfer credits may be accepted. Have the official transcript sent to Office of Graduate Admissions.

6. Once I am accepted into the program, may I take graduate courses at other institutions?

Once you are matriculated into the graduate program, you must get prior approval for any courses you wish to take at another college to fulfill degree requirements. This applies even to elective courses. See your advisor as there are different rules for accepting coursework from non-CUNY schools and CUNY colleges.

7. Will I have to take student teaching?

Every candidate admitted to the graduate program in Early Childhood. Education who does not have initial (formerly called provisional) certification at the time of admission is required to take student teaching or supervised teaching/student teaching. If you do not have a full-time teaching position you will need to register for 6 credits of student teaching (0301G and 0302G) and be placed for 15 weeks in two of the following three age levels: a pre-K classroom, a K classroom, a grade 1 or 2 classroom. Each student teaching course includes a weekly seminar and a 0 credit 6 session Friday afternoon seminar which is a co-requisite of the student teaching experience.

If you have a full time teaching position, you are required to take supervised teaching (0303G).  A supervisor will visit the classroom where you are teaching several times and you will need to attend a weekly seminar (3 credits). However, you must also do another 3 credits (20 days minimum) of student teaching in another age level different from the one you teach (a state requirement). Your supervisor and the Director of Field Experiences will help to arrange a placement for you.

8. Admissions interview

All applicants for matriculation into the Graduate Programs in Early Childhood Education who have been approved after an initial review of the application, will be required to attend an interview with a program admissions committee before final acceptance decisions are made. The interview consists of a discussion with program faculty and other applicants and an on-site essay.

9. Immunizations

Entering students must demonstrate proof of immunization with the Office of Wellness in the Science Building, Room 15, before registering for courses. (See Bulletin for more information.)

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