EAS Seminar Series


The Earth & Atmospheric Science Seminar Series is forum on cutting-edge research on interactions between the solid Earth, its water, air and living organisms. Seminar lectures cover all aspects of Earth and planetary science, including Earth processes, Earth system history, climate and climate change, freshwater systems, ecology, and geology. Seminar lectures are intended to be informative and accessible to students. Lectures are followed by a question and a discussion period. This weekly event is a great opportunity to make connections with researchers and the CCNY science community. 

Who Can Attend: All members of the college community are welcome to attend our seminar lectures including students, faculty and staff, post-docs, our collaborators across the Division of Science, CCNY, and CUNY.  

Time and Place: Seminar lectures are held every Friday from 12:45-1:45pm in MR 107 or via zoom. Each seminar lecture lasts up to an hour. Zoom links and flyer will be sent out on a weekly basis.

Additional Information: For any additional information on upcoming seminars for coming semester, please visit our lectures sections at https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/eas/eas-seminar-series-events. For any earth and atmospheric science seminar inquiries, please contact Professor Karin Block ( kblock@ccny.cuny.edu ).


Karin Block-Cora, Ph.D.

Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The City College of New York

160 Convent Avenue

New York, NY 10031

E | kblock@ccny.cuny.edu


Alternate contact:

Z. Johnny Luo, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences                                                                        

E | zluo@ccny.cuny.edu





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