Undergraduate Requirements

Requirements for Majors

General Requirements for Majors

A GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major is required for graduation.  The GPA in the major is calculated from courses in the major based in the major department only, and that have been taken at City College or through ePermit, including all courses in excess of the minimum required for the degree."

Our department offers two degrees: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) and Environmental Earth System Sciences (EESS). Details for each are described below, first for EAS and then for EESS.

Standard EAS Option, Leading to a B.S. Degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (or Geology for students who started prior to Fall 2021).

The EAS Curriculum comprises a basic set of courses (Non-EAS Science and Math Courses and Basic Courses for EAS Majors) complemented by 33 credits of elective courses (Electives for Standard EAS Option). The EAS elective set is extensive and is supplemented by special topics courses offered on subjects of interest to students and faculty. Recent special topics courses have included Geomorphology, Geothermal Resources, and a course on computer modeling in EAS.  Selected courses from other departments may also be counted toward the major.  The latter option is limited, however.  A list of the accepted courses is given below.   Selections from the set of EAS electives should be chosen in consultation with either Professor Lampousis or Professor Kenyon, to ensure a coherent program.

It is recommended that EAS majors complete PHYS 20700-20800, though the PHYS 20300-20400 sequence may be preferred for some students.  MATH 20100-20300 is recommended, but MATH 20500-20900 is an acceptable option for some students. Recommendations are on a case-by-case basis.

Note: All EAS majors in the standard option must complete the Basic Courses for EAS Majors with a grade of at least C in each course and pass 33 credits of courses from the elective list with a C average.

Click here for the full list of class requirements in the CCNY Bulletin entry for EAS.


Secondary Education Concentration

Students must take a sequence of required non-EAS science and math courses, a sequence of EAS courses, and pedagogical courses offered by the Department of Education.

Click here for the CCNY bulletin for full details.


Requirements for a B.A. in Geology

Click here for the full list of class requirements in the CCNY Bulletin entry for EAS. Note: the B.S. requirements are listed first. Scroll down for the B.A. requirements.


Requirements for a Minor in EAS


A minor in EAS requires a minimum of 9 credits beyond EAS 10600. These courses are in addition to the science core requirements.


B.S. in Environmental Earth Systems Science (EESS)

The requirements for this degree can be found in the CCNY bulletin (linked below) or in the Environmental Earth System Science listing on the CCNY website under Academics/Areas of Study.

Click here for a link to the EESS information in the CCNY Bulletin.


Additional Requirements for both the EAS and EESS major


In general, students are required to complete 42 credits of General Education coursework, with some adjustments for transfer students.  See the General Education Requirements (Pathways) section of the Bulletin for more information. Earth and Atmospheric Science students will satisfy their "Pathways" requirements most efficiently by following these recommendations:

Fixed Core
English Composition I: FIQWS
English Composition II: ENGL 21003
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: MATH 20100
Life and Physical Sciences: CHEM 10301

Flexible Core
World Cultures and Global Issues: any of CLAS offerings in this category
Individual and Society: any of CLAS offerings in this category
U.S. Experience in its Diversity: any of CLAS offerings in this category
Creative Expression: any of CLAS offerings in this category
Scientific World: PHYS 20700
Additional course in Scientific World: CHEM 10401

College Option
Speech 11100, 00380 or exemption on the basis of demonstrated proficiency
Foreign language – two semesters of college-level study, or exemption on the basis of two years of high-school level study, or demonstrated proficiency
Philosophy - see Master List of Prospective Courses at https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/gened/other-gen-ed-courses

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