Samuel Inniss



 Samuel Inniss 

Born in Guyana, Sam moved to America with his family when he was ten years old. The plan was to live a better life in the land of opportunities, but things did not work out that way. He lost his father, an Electrical Engineer and the major breadwinner of the family at that time, at 13 years old and though his mother scrambled to prevent it, his family was inevitably plunged into poverty. Bad living conditions and going without, however, did nothing to slow him down. Sam always had a technical mind, just like his father. He loved learning and it showed. He graduated from Halsey Middle School’s honors program and was accepted to Bard High School Early College Queens, or Bhsec for short. This is where he found his passion for computer programming.

When he transferred to CCNY from Bhsec, Sam took an Introduction to Computer Science class with the same result: he loved programming and was good at it. Though he started out as an Electrical Engineering major, walking in his father’s shoes, he soon switched to Computer Science when he found that Electrical Engineering classes were uninteresting and he consistently performed better in Computer Science classes. He does not mind staying up late working on programming projects; sometimes he even looks forward to doing this.

Sam plans to some day work for a large company like Microsoft or Apple and help bring his family out of poverty. He wants to do something meaningful and make an impact on the world in some way. He wants to be an innovator and bring new, fresh ideas to the world of Computer Science.