Chun Biao Wang

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 Chun Biao Wang
Chunbiao Wang
Math Major
City College Fellow

For Chunbiao Wang, emigrating from China to the United States in 2009 was an exciting transition. As soon as he arrived, he began to seek opportunities that could help him to adapt to and settle into American society. As he waited for college acceptance letters, he actively searched for employment. Five months later, he was hired as an enumerator for the US 2010 Census. This proved to be much more than a simple job; it opened new doors for him to experience the vast cultural diversity of this country. Interesting as this job was, he wanted more and enrolled in CCNY in Fall 2010.

Chunbiao's interest in applied math dates to his schooling in China, where he started to learn Excel in 11th grade, enthusiastically collecting and analyzing data, searching for buried treasure. His quest led him to join the high school Science Olympic Competition team, during which he was trained in Excel and MATLAB mathematical modeling, an experience that exposed him to the world of data.

Chunbiao believes that technicians skilled in data analysis are increasingly essential for promoting global economic well-being. The critical importance of quick access to valuable data is what motivates him to pursue research and a PHD in statistics and mathematical finance.