Emergency Grants Program

Eligibility Requirements for ALL Emergency Grants

Please note that due to COVID-19, the application verification process is taking longer to complete.  All applications that are incomplete, or do not have all the requested documentation attached, will not be processed.  Please submit all requested documentation, including the W-9 or W-8 forms.


  • Students must not owe tuition to the City College of New York
  • Students must be matriculated with a minimum GPA of 2.00 for undergraduate students and a GPA of 3.00 for graduate students
  • Students must be matriculated and be in good academic standing
  • Students must have a record of good conduct
  • Students must have a current emergency need

The Emergency Grants Program provides assistance to students facing unforeseen events resulting in a financial emergency that jeopardizes their ability to stay in school.

The Emergency Grants Program does not fund educational expenses that are known ahead of time such as tuition, fees, supplies or books, with the exception of books and supplies that have been stolen or destroyed.

Support for The Emergency Grants program is provided by:

  • Marjorie & Theodore Charron

  • Carroll & Milton Petrie

  • Jack Rachlin

  • Dreamkeepers

Maximum Award: $1,500.00


Award Guidelines:

  1. Loss of childcare services
  2. Homelessness due to loss of housing for student(applicant) and dependents
  3. Recent and temporary job loss
  4. Overdue bills (medical bills, utility, rent, etc.)
  5. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, major dental surgeries, or durable medical equipment
  6. Travel home for illness or death in the immediate family
  7. Winter coat or interview suit
  8. Money to purchase groceries
  9. Monthly Unlimited Metrocards
  10. Theft of computer, books, clothing, or other essential belongings


Where to apply:

All applications are submitted through the link below only.  Please note the last to apply is April 30, 2020.



Please note:

All grants are subject to review based on documentation and verification to support your application.  If all the requested documentation is not submitted with the application, your application will not be processed.

Final decisions are made by the Emergency Grant Committee.


For questions and more information, please visit the Division of Student Affairs on the second floor of the Administration Building inside suite 204.

The office is working remotely and the processing of all applications will take longer.

Students can reach us at (212) 650-5426, or by email at  emergencygrants@ccny.cuny.edu  with any questions.