Name and Gender Change

The City College of New York is committed to providing educational excellence to its students while creating a diverse, inclusive atmosphere for learning. CUNY prohibits discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and expression. 

CUNY policy states that students and employees are permitted to use a preferred first name and middle name on all non-official records such as identification card, email address, and course rosters, without the need to provide documentation.  Students and employees are also permitted to change their gender in CUNY records without documentation. Official records such as student transcripts and diplomas require a legal name change. 

Preferred Name Change

Students are able to use CUNYfirst self-service to select a preferred first and middle name. Alternatively, students may submit a Preferred Name Request Form to the Registrar’s office. Employees who wish to select a preferred name should contact Human Resources.

Gender Change

Students can change their gender on all prior, present, and future college records at their discretion. Students can change their gender using the CUNYFirst self-select option or complete a Gender Change Request Form and submit to Registrar. Employees should contact Human Resources for gender changes.

Please be aware, however, that changing your gender in CUNYfirst may cause a mismatch if you are a recipient of federal financial aid. You are advised to contact the financial aid office and the Social Security Administration, to prevent any problems with data mismatches on file with the federal Department of Education, which administers federal student aid programs.  

CUNYFirst Preferred Name Change Instructions

  1. Visit the CUNYfirst Webpage
  2. Log into your account
  3. Go to Student Center
  4. Scroll down to Personal Information and Click "Names" on the left hand side
  5. On that page you should be able to add a name and indicate that it is your preferred name.

Please note that this will only change your name on CUNYFirst, it is not a legal name change. After making this update your preferred name will also be shown on class rosters and Blackboard.

New Student Display E-mail and Username Computer Login

Students can request a new e-mail address and username computer login with their preferred name. Before making this request, please make sure your preferred name is updated in CUNYfirst. 

To make a request, send an e-mail to "> . In your email, please include the following information:

  • Current name
  • Preferred name 
  • Phone number to reach you 
  • Include "Citymail Name Change" in the subject line

Class Rosters

The class roster that faculty download will reflect your preferred name the following semester after you update it in CUNYfirst or by submitting the form to Registrar. Gender Resources recommends making these changes during the Summer or Winter sessions so your name is updated for the following semester.

ID Cards

Students and employees can request a new ID card free of charge with their preferred name.  Due to COVID-19, visit the ID Office webpage for updated procedures on how to obtain a new ID card.  

Student Legal Name Changes due to Court Order and Typographical Errors

Students are entitled to change records to reflect new or resumed names in accordance with any court ordered legal name change. To obtain the change, a student must show an original or certified copy of the order.  

If there is a typographical or spelling error in your legal name, contact the Registrar for a request to change name or ID form.  Documents needed to verify the error include birth certificates, passports, social security cards, driver’s licenses, or other documents issued by federal, state or local government agencies.



For support with these changes: 

  • Students should contact Gender Resources 212-650-6498
  • Employees should contact Human Resources 212-650-7226

Last Updated: 12/28/2023 12:16