Security Benchmarks

CUNY has become a member of the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks.  These are a set of consensus-based configuration recommendations, security metrics and related tools that can secure network and computing devices.

So-called “Level 1” Benchmark recommendations are designed to strengthen security without impacting normal operations. Benchmarks are provided for many platforms, including Macintosh, Windows (desktop and server), various Linux and UNIX flavors, routers, firewalls, switches, web servers and mobile devices.

Below is link to a slideshow presentation that provides background and outlines the benefits to CUNY users.  (Note: don’t confuse the Center for Internet Security—CIS—with CUNY/CIS.)

Please honor the Terms of Use.  In particular, the Benchmarks are not to be publicly redistributed, i.e., they should not be posted on public websites. The Benchmarks can be used as a CUNY educational classroom resource and can be redistributed to enrolled CUNY students with individual consent to Terms of Use. However, students cannot register for access directly. For more information, please visit the Benchmarks website using the link provided below.

All CUNY faculty and staff are eligible to register for access. Feel free to share this information with your CUNY colleagues who are involved in teaching, and supporting and/or securing networks and servers.  To register, please enter the information requested here.

Please note that you must register using your CUNY email address for validation purposes.  You will receive an email requesting validation. Your validation will then be verified and you will be  sent your login credentials, which will enable you to:

• Log in to the collaboration site with your new credentials
• Edit your profile via the link in the upper right hand corner
• Change your password
• Join a Consensus Team (select Profile -> Options Button -> Manage Communities)
• Access CIS member-only downloads, including CIS-CAT (click the Downloads button at the top of the screen).

If you need assistance, please contact .

•   CUNY and CIS New Member Orientation Presentation (Please contact the if you would like a copy of this file)
•   CISecurity registration (link to
•   Center for Internet Security Benchmarks (link to

Last Updated: 12/06/2019 13:27