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Authorization Forms

Information Technology

Authorization Forms

Secure Computing

Secure computing for the CCNY community requires that certain protocols and procedures be followed.

CCNY IT is steadily updating and adding information, posting guidelines and providing the means to achieve the goal of secure computing. Any office that will be using sensitive information from students, faculty or staff is required to fill out and file the appropriate form(s). All forms are to be submitted to and approved by the Office of the Chief Information Officer.
Please send completed forms to the Service Desk and copy (CC)  . Please make sure that your form has all the necessary signatures before submitting.


Authorization to Use and Store Non-Public University Information

(PDF document, size: 77kb)

Request for permission to use and store information containing Social Security Numbers ("SSN") of CCNY-related individuals.
Non-Public University Data Access Waiver

(PDF document, size: 365kb)

Request for access to Non-Public University Data by an individual who is not a regular CUNY employee. See Section 3 in Information Technology Security Procedures.
Administrative Account Request Form

(PDF document, size: 530kb)

Request for an Administrative Account which allows a user complete control over most functions and features of the operating system and applications.
Remote Access Request Form

(PDF document, size: 100kb)

Request using this form is for Remote Access using a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) account or for access behind a network firewall.
CUNY Information Security Review Questionnaire

(Word document, size: 57kb)

This questionnaire facilitates the identification of security requirements for CUNY information technology projects, applications or systems. The questionnaire is intended for those CUNY projects, applications and systems that involve Non-Public University Information or that acquire ongoing vendor IT services (e.g., application software hosting, hardware/software infrastructure, data storage facilities, staffing, etc.)