Sending and Receiving Sensitive or Large Files with Secure Transfer

The Office of Information Technology would like to introduce the Secure Transfer portal, This platform is convenient for individuals, offices and departments that need to send and/or receive sensitive or large files and doesn’t have the restrictions for storing/sharing sensitive files, as does Dropbox and Onedrive.

Sending and Downloading Files

• Uses a simple, easy to understand, webmail-like interface for sending files.
• Send large files that you are unable to send via regular email due to file size limitations.
• Messages can expire on a certain date or after a set number of downloads.
• You can set restrictions where only specified recipients can access the message and download the files.
Receiving Files
• Users can receive files from external parties with no prior registration.
• Users can request files from external parties that will not need to register to send files back from the request.

Office/Departmental Filedrop 

This is a static URL for receiving files and can be set individually or for your office/department. You or OIT can create this unique URL where the recipient (you, your office or department) is pre-set and the sender can be anyone, like your students or external parties. If you would like the OIT to set up a Filedrop for your office or department please submit your request to our Service Desk.

Just keep in mind that received or sent files are not kept in your mailbox ( and messages have an expiration date by default.

Last Updated: 04/01/2024 10:17