Digital Signage

Digital Signage Requests & Campus Locations


The campus digital signage system has been made inaccessible during the COVID pandemic to ensure proper messaging control. Please send your content and which displays it needs to be advertised on to  for approval. You will also need to ensure that your department executive administrator (such as Dean, AVP or higher up) is to be copied (CC'd) on your email request as a method of implied authorization.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Guidelines


Image of a digital sign display slide

The installation of campus-wide digital displays is vital for effective communications to our students. These displays will broadcast pertinent information on campus events, upcoming deadlines, weather, CUNY alerts, class schedules, cancelations and more. OIT has received the displays and cabling has been completed for 8 installations. The Office of Facilities needed to approve all the identified locations prior to installation. Training will be scheduled for contributors of content.

Please see details for:

>> Submitting a request in the Digital Signage Guidelines

>> Creating Digital Signage using PowerPoint

Listed below are the locations that are operational Digital Signage Locations
(H) indicates horizontal (landscape) orientation of monitors and (V) indicates a vertical (portrait) orientation:

* New Locations

  1. Shepard Hall Ground Floor (by Rm 02) (H)
  2. Shepard Hall 1st Fl (across from elevator) (H)
  3. Steinman Lobby (H)
  4. Steinman 2nd Floor (V)
  5. Steinman 2M Floor (V)
  6. Administration Building 1st Floor – Front (H)
  7. Administration Building 1st Floor – Rear (H)
  8. NAC Student Dining Room (2nd Floor) (H)
  9. NAC Main Lobby (H)
  10. Tech Center, NAC 1/301 (H)
  11. CDI 1st Floor (V)
  12. CDI 2nd Floor (V)
  13. CDI 3rd Floor (V)
  14. CDI 4th Floor (V)
  15. Marshak Lobby (H)
  16. Marshak Cafe (and by elevators) (H)
  17. Harris Hall Ground Floor (H)
  18. Harris Hall 05 Student Lounge (H)
  19. Marshak Lobby (H)
  20. Marshak Cafe (and by elevators) (H)
  21. Harris Hall Ground Floor (H) 
  22. Harris Hall 05 Student Lounge (H)
  23. *NAC 1st Fl Main Lobby - Campus Construction Projects only (H)