Digital Signage


CCNY digital signage supports effective messaging to our campus community by visually broadcasting pertinent information about campus events, notices, and more.

Content Submissions
Faculty and staff can send requests from a CCNY email address ( to , include the following information:

  • Include content files in PDF, JPG, or PNG format only as an attachment or link to the shared file
  • Copy (CC'd) your department executive administrator (such as Dean, AVP or higher up) on the email request as a method of implied authorization.
  • Contact Name (person submitting request) and Contact email address (
  • Department or Office Name
  • Location* and Duration of Slide Rotation
    • Location: Indicate if content should display at specific locations or campus-wide (see list below).
    • Start Date: of Slide: mm/dd/yyyy
    • End Date: of Slide: mm/dd/yyyy
  • Image Dimensions
    • Landscape (horizontal) (H) orientation: 1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 (300 dpi*)
    • Portrait (vertical) (V) orientation: 1080x1920 pixels, 9:16 (300 dpi*)
      • *Resolution is a measurement of how dense an image is. It is measured in DPI or dots per inch.

Content Information


  1. Administration Building 1st Floor – Front (H)
  2. Administration Building 1st Floor – Rear (H)
  3. CDI 1st Floor (V)
  4. CDI 2nd Floor (V)
  5. CDI 3rd Floor (V)
  6. CDI 4th Floor (V)
  7. Harris Hall Ground Floor (H)
  8. *Harris Hall 1st Floor (H)
  9. *Harris Hall 2nd Floor (H)
  10. *Harris Hall 3rd Floor (H)
  11. *Harris Hall 4th Floor (H)
  12. Harris Hall 05 Student Lounge (H)
  13. Marshak 1st Lobby (H)
  14. Marshak Cafe (and by elevators) (H)
  15. NAC 1st Floor Main Lobby (H)
  16. NAC 1st Floor Main Lobby - Campus Construction Projects only (H)
  17. NAC 1st Floor Tech Center, NAC 1/301 (H)
  18. NAC 2nd Floor Student Dining Hall (H)
  19. Shepard Hall Ground Floor (by Rm 02) (H)
  20. Shepard Hall 1st Floor (across from elevator) (H)
  21. Steinman 1st Floor Lobby (H)
  22. Steinman 2nd Floor (V)
  23. Steinman 2M Floor (V)
  24. Steinman 3rd Floor (H)


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